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Welcome to Arkansas State University's national service program! A-State engages students, graduates, and community members in national service opportunities through our national service program. Neighborhood Red Wolves Community Engagement is housed in the Division of Diversity & Community Engagement:

  • Math Prep Tutors are current A-State students who commit to serve 300 hours over the course of an academic year and are placed with one of our community partner host sites. Math Prep Tutors are minimum-time AmeriCorps members and provide direct service in education.

Math Prep Tutors are selected throughout the year with the interview and selection process continuing until all positions are filled.

Neighborhood Red Wolves (Math Prep Tutors)

What is Neighborhood Red Wolves Community Engagement?
Neighborhood Red Wolves Community Engagement is A-State’s AmeriCorps program through the Corporation for National and Community Service and Arkansas Service Commission that engages current A-State students in intensive service experiences with local schools and non-profit partners in Jonesboro, AR. Services and programs include tutoring, mentoring and academic literacy. As a Math Prep Tutor, you will provide direct support for local junior high schools and programs focused on math education and mentorship. 10-15 hours of service are required per week, for two semesters. It is an excellent opportunity for A-State students desiring an active role in the Jonesboro community outside of classes.

Math Prep Tutors will be assigned to one of the following service sites:
• Nettleton Junior High School
• Douglas McArthur Junior High School
• Annie Camp Junior High School
• City Youth Ministries

There are a number of AmeriCorps Program Benefits including:
• Annual living allowance of $840.00
• Eligibility for an education award worth $1,311.00 after completing 300 hours of service (fulfillment of contract)
• Federal student loan forbearance eligibility
• Professional development.
• AmeriCorps Scholarship (5): $2,000 fulfillment of contract
• 300 Volunteer hours
• An opportunity to positively impact the lives of teens in Arkansas
• Living allowance will NOT count as income if you sign up for some federal aid programs

If you are interested in this opportunity apply here:

  Neighborhood Red Wolves Math Prep Tutor application

About AmeriCorps

What is AmeriCorps?
AmeriCorps is an organization engaged in performing national service. Within the AmeriCorps network, there are three main programs: AmeriCorps State and National, AmeriCorps NCCC, and AmeriCorps VISTA. Each contain their own unique methods for performing civic engagement. By becoming a member, you will commit to serving the community through supporting the academic achievement of others, mentoring youth, fighting poverty, sustaining national parks, preparing for disasters, and much more.


The efforts you will contribute not only help those in your community, but also everyone in the country. AmeriCorps plays an honorable role in helping families and individuals across the U.S. live a more prosperous life. It is a rewarding experience for its members as well. Each member can expect the following benefits for their service:

  • Student loan deferment
  • Skills and training
  • Living allowance
  • Limited health benefit options
  • Education award upon completion of service to help pay for college, graduate school, vocational training, or to pay back student loans
  • Career opportunities with leading employers from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors

Learn More at AmeriCorps.gov | AmeriCorps.gov/VISTA | AmeriCorps.gov/NCCC

Information related to AmeriCorps at A-State:

If you are interested in this opportunity or have any questions, please contact us:

Dr. Brenda A. Randle
Director and Math Prep Tutor Supervisor
brandle@astate.edu | (870) 972-3081

Dr. Lonnie R. Williams
Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement
brandle@astate.edu | (870) 972-3081