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Alternative testing accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Extended time
  • Low distraction testing environment
  • Tests administered in an accessible format
  • Tests administered via reader/assistive technology


How it Works

Students who receive testing accommodations may take their exams in the AAS office or in the classroom with their approved accommodations. All exams are scheduled through AIM. We use the same system to notify your instructor that they need to set up your exam with your accommodations.

Students wishing to take their exam(s) in the AAS office must submit an exam request a minimum of three(3) business days before the scheduled exam date. For final exams we require a minimum of five(5) business days advance notice.

If the request is submitted after that date, AIM will automatically require you to complete a late submission form. Please indicate why the request is late and add details in the note box provided – especially if the exam was announced late by the instructor. You cannot submit your exam request without completing the late submission form. Failure to adhere to advanced notice procedures may result in testing delays or an inability to provide accommodated testing for a specific request.

Requests submitted after the start time scheduled by the instructor or less than 24 hours in advance may be declined. Habitually submitting late requests without a disability or instructor related reason may also result in a declined request.

Testing requests are approved or declined individually – if we are unable to provide accommodations for one exam, you may still request and receive accommodations for all future exams.

Questions and concerns may be directed to the AAS Testing Coordinator.


How to Schedule an Exam

  • Log in to the AIM Portal (You may be redirected to enter your MY.ASTATE credentials before returning to AIM)
  • Under MY ACCOMMODATIONS (left side of the screen) select ALTERNATIVE TESTING
  • Select the course you wish to schedule the exam for, then click SCHEDULE EXAM
  • Complete the form to indicate the date/time that you wish to take the exam and the accommodations you will need
    • Add any additional info that AAS or your instructor may need to know in ADDITIONAL NOTES
  • Click ADD EXAM REQUEST to submit


Student Reminders

  • If you are scheduling an online exam that does not have to be physically proctored, please remember to email you professor a few days before you take your exam to ensure that your testing accommodations have been added.

  • Your instructor may give the class a “pop” quiz. If the instructor plans to give a quiz to the class without notice, you will be informed that you need to come to Access & Accommodation Services. Extended time accommodations will require you to come to our office before the class is scheduled to begin.

  • If your exam date is moved and you have already scheduled the exam, please MODIFY the existing exam request. Your testing requests will show up under the ALTERNATIVE TESTING tab in AIM. Please do not cancel the original exam request.

  • Under NO circumstances are students allowed to transport their own exams to\from our office. If the instructor asks you to carry your exam with you, contact us immediately so that we can send someone to pick up the exam.


Faculty Reminders

The best way to ensure exams are received is to:

  • Upload the document(s) into the AIM portal using the link received in your email when the student submitted their request(s)
  • Deliver a copy directly to the AAS office

Exams may also be emailed to dstesting@astate.edu. Completed exams will be returned via the method indicated in the testing agreement completed by the faculty member.

Under NO circumstances are students allowed to transport their own exams to\from our office.