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Assistive Technology is any item, piece of equipment or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.  Access & Accommodation Services has software and devices available for students to use.  The software is available in several computer labs across campus.  Some devices are available to check out to qualified students.  Contact A&AS regarding the availability of specific Assistive Technology.

Schedule a technology assessment or demonstration at 870-972-3964.

Assistive Technology at A-State:

  • Reader Services/Books on alternative formats
  • Digital Recorder
  • Livescribe Smartpen
  • Assistive Listening Device
  • Braille embosser
  • Perkins Brailler
  • Portable talking dictionary
  • Scientific talking calculator
  • Screen magnification program, hand held magnifiers
  • Electronic adjustable table, one handed keyboard

Alternative Books

Alternative books are also called audio books and e-text.  Students are required to own\purchase the physical copy of the textbook, which is a requirement of the publisher.  This is the only way A&AS can provide you with your book in alternative text.

To request alternative books:

  • Notify the A&AS Program Coordinator of Alternative Text to request books.
  • Submit your class schedule and title, author, edition, the ISBN of the books, and a receipt to show the books were purchased and not leased\rented. 
  • Contact A&AS to receive instructions on obtaining or downloading alternative textbooks.
  • If the textbook is not available in alternative format, the student must provide the purchased copy for cutting and scanning in order for us to provide it to you in alternative format.
  • A&AS is not responsible for purchasing textbooks for students in order to get them into an alternative format.
Assistive Technology Workshops

A&AS offers workshops for faculty, staff, and students regarding web accessibility, assistive technology software and devices.  Workshops are individual and/or group workshops.  These workshops can be scheduled anytime.

To inquire about these workshops, call A&AS at 870-972-3964.  There is no charge for workshops for students, faculty, and staff. All workshops are hands-on using a computer.