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Our goal with this procedure is for faculty and staff alike to aid in giving all A-State students equal access and experience to/with content. Because of this, we are prioritizing captioning content used across campus. If for some reason the content being used cannot be captioned, then we strongly encourage the instructor(s) to supply the transcripts necessary.

The hope is that we don’t just meet the bare minimum compliance requirement but set a standard beyond our legal obligation. Below, you will find important information as it relates to the captioning process.


Requests for Captioning Services

If you have a minimum of sixty minutes of content (this can be 60 minutes across multiple videos), please use the following link to send us a captioning services request:


Content may be processed in-house or sent to a third-party captioning company for processing depending on length, language, volume of requests, etc. To ensure quality content is received on time, AAS requires all captioning requests be submitted two (2) weeks prior to the date it will be used.

If your content does not meet the criteria above, you are responsible for making sure your content gets captioned.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or issues please contact our Assistive Technology and Access Coordinator.