Welcome to Arkansas State University!

A-State is committed to providing access for students with disabilities in compliance with state and federal laws. This includes when students have an accommodation regarding an assistive animal on campus.

If you are a staff or faculty member needing accommodations, please contact Human Resources.


Service Animal

If you are living on campus with a service animal, you must notify AAS. This does not mean you have to fill out an application.

Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Access and Accommodation Services (AAS) provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Under the Fair Housing Act, an Emotional Support Animal may be approved while living in on-campus housing on a case-by-case basis when there is a documented need.

To be considered for approval to have an animal reside in your on-campus housing residence as an ESA, students must complete the Emotional Support Animal Application (link to PDF found below) and submit it to AAS. A complete packet must also be accompanied by documentation from a qualified healthcare or mental health services provider that supports the student’s request to have an ESA in on-campus housing. The documentation should be on the provider’s official letterhead and should be written by a provider that is familiar with the student and the use of ESA’s as a means of treatment.

Each request will be reviewed by Access and Accommodation Services, University Housing, and Student Conduct. Only completed packets will be reviewed. Representatives from each office will meet on a weekly basis, or as needed, to review requests as a committee. The committee will contact the student if additional information is needed. Once a decision has been made, the student will be notified via their A-State student email.

Emotional Support Animal Application PDF