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Career development is only one element of the career management process that increases self-awareness as you evaluate your interests, skills, priorities and characteristics. Learning about and working through the stages enables you to decide on a major/minor/ program of emphasis, a career field, or a vocational interest.

"Jobs don't just happen."

Career Services will also assist you in developing your: career plan; evaluating your stage of career development; assessing your needs; and achieving your academic and career goals. Participating in a variety of career exercises, exploring career activities, and developing job readiness skills will be your key to success.

"How will you know how to get to where it is that you think you want to go, and know if you ever arrive at your destination?"

Career Action Plan

A career action plan is essential for every student attending ASU. Your success as a student and professional should not be left to chance. To take advantage of the many experiences and exciting opportunities that lay before you, embed your career management in your daily thoughts and actions. For the next four years you will continuously be establishing, assessing, and achieving goals for your career, academic, profession, and life.

Planning where you want to go, and knowing what you need to do to get there, is critical. If you don’t have a plan of action, how will you know when you arrive at your destination? Often times, too many people just let life happen. These individuals justify events as chance or fate with little thought of establishing goals or having focus and direction. These people are all talk and no action.

Download a Career Action Plan Handbook >>

Career Assessment and Evaluation Inventories

It is always a good idea to take several interest assessments. We strongly recommend that you make an appointment with the ASU Counseling Center to take career inventories. The Counseling Center will provide an interpretation of the assessment results. Taking the inventories that ASU offers will provide you a good start on your career management process.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is an opportunity for you to connect or “shadow” with a professional who has specific knowledge about an occupation or career in which you are interested.

You observe responsibilities and tasks associated with the mentor’s career and have the opportunity to ask questions about the knowledge, skills, talents, and level of education required for the job. Informational interviewing is meeting with an employer to ask and gather some of the same basic information.

While the purpose of job shadowing and informational interviewing is to gather career related information and expand your networking contacts, it also allows you to build interviewing skills, become aware of trends in the field, and see workforce technologies in action. Multiple experiences of both may be arranged to allow you to explore a variety of career paths.

A job shadowing or informational interviewing experience may:
  • Present up-to-date facts about an occupation that can assist in your decision making.
  • Inform you about the skills required for certain jobs so you can match them with your skills.
  • Provide valuable networking contacts to utilize when conducting your actual job or internship search.
  • Assist in developing communication skills and self-confidence in talking with professional people in a more relaxed work environment.
  • Expose you to occupational “buzzwords” unique to the career field of your choice.
  • Give you an edge in future interviews by providing inside knowledge not known by your competition.
  • Develop basic skills similar to a targeted job search
Download a guide to Job Shadowing >>

Employer Information Session

Employer Information Sessions are established for students to meet employers and explore career options.

Students who attend gain insight about the employer's philosophy, history, training programs, and management style. It also provides an opportunity for students to develop a networking system by talking with employers. Combined with a presentation, one-on-one contact and group discussion, an Employer Information Session allows the student to develop a broad-based knowledge from which he/she can make well-informed decisions.

For more information on Employer Information Sessions, check our website, the Career Services  Bulletin Board in the Student Union, or log in to Career Connect.

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