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Fabricio Medina-Bolivar

Dr. Fabricio Medina-Bolivar

Professor of Plant Metabolic Engineering, Director of Environmental Sciences and Molecular Biosciences

Phone: 870-680-4319

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 308

Marsha Trusty

Marsha Trusty

Administrative Analyst

Phone: 870-972-2832

Office: Lab Science West, 538

Affiliated Faculty

Mohammad Abrar Alam

Dr. Mohammad Abrar Alam

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Phone: (870) 972-3319

Office: Lab Science West, 339C

Hashim Ali

Dr. Hashim Ali

Professor of Chemistry

Phone: 870-972-3215

Office: Lab Science East, 513

John Artim

Dr. John Artim

Lecturer of Biology

Phone: 870-972-3649

Office: Lab Science East, 316

Jennifer Bouldin

Dr. Jennifer Bouldin

Dean of Science and Mathematics

Director of the Ecotoxicology Research Facility

Phone: 870-972-3079 COSM

Office: Lab Science West, 552

Than Boves

Dr. Than Boves

Professor of Ecology

Phone: 870-972-3320

Office: Lab Science East, 315

Edward Brown

Dr. Edward Brown

Assistant Professor of Agronomy

Phone: 870-972-3476

Office: Agriculture, 204

Amanda Carpenter

Dr. Amanda Carpenter

Program Director and Assistant Professor of Public Health

Co-Division Lead, CNBT Division of Medical Sciences and Public Health

Phone: 870-972-3894

Office: E. Smith, 318H

Ross Carroll

Dr. Ross Carroll

Associate Professor of Physics

Phone: 870-680-4335

Office: Lab Science East, 105

Jerry Farris

Dr. Jerry Farris

Distinguished Professor of Environmental Biology

Phone: 870-680-8151

Office: Lab Science East, 413

Averi Fegadel

Dr. Averi Fegadel

Assistant Professor of Criminology

SC Club Faculty Advisor

Phone: 870-972-3795

Office: HSS, 3066

Brook Fluker

Dr. Brook Fluker

Asssociate Professor of Aquatic Ecology

Curator of Fishes

Phone: (870) 972-3253

Office: Ecotox Building, 113B

Erik Gilbert

Dr. Erik Gilbert

Professor of History

Phone: (870) 972-2137

Office: HSS, 2059

David Gilmore

Dr. David Gilmore

Emeritus Professor of Microbiology

Phone: 870-972-3263

Office: Lab Science East, 415

Steven Green

Dr. Steven Green

Professor of Soil and Water Conservation

Phone: 870-972-3463

Office: Agriculture, 213

Gauri Guha

Dr. Gauri Guha

Professor of Economics

Phone: 870-680-8465

Office: Business, 412

Kyle Gustafson

Dr. Kyle Gustafson

Assistant Professor

Phone: 870-972-3174

Office: Lab Science West, 330-A

Hans Hacker

Dr. Hans Hacker

Associate Professor of Political Science

Phone: (870) 972-2257

Office: HSS, 3018

Shivan Haran

Dr. Shivan Haran

Director and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 870-972-3413

Office: Lab Science West, 245A

Zahid Hossain, P.E.

Dr. Zahid Hossain, P.E.

Professor of Civil Engineering

Director of Graduate Programs in Engineering- MSCE, MSEE, & MSME

Phone: 870-680-4299

Office: LSW, 246

Yeonsang Hwang, P.E.

Dr. Yeonsang Hwang, P.E.

Associate Dean

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Phone: 870-972-3581

Office: Lab Science West, 245C

Anahita Izadyar

Dr. Anahita Izadyar

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Phone: 870-972-2480

Office: Lab Science West, 339B

Kwangkook Jeong, P.E.

Dr. Kwangkook Jeong, P.E.

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 870-680-8593

Office: ABI, 313

Ronald Johnson

Dr. Ronald Johnson

Associate Chair

Professor of Biology

Phone: 870-972-2366

Office: Lab Science East, 321

Bruce Johnson

Dr. Bruce Johnson

Professor of Physics

Phone: 870-972-2955

Office: Lab Science East, 120

Deepak Joshi

Dr. Deepak Joshi

Assistant Professor of Remote Sensing and Precision Agriculture

Phone: 870-972-3557

Office: Agriculture, 211

Hideya Koizumi

Dr. Hideya Koizumi

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Phone: 870-972-2399

Office: Lab Science West, 330B

Argelia Lorence

Dr. Argelia Lorence

Professor of Metabolic Engineering

Vaughn Endowed Professorship; Director, A-State Phenomics Facility

Phone: 870-680-4322

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 310

Travis Marsico

Dr. Travis Marsico

Vice Provost for Research, Innovation, and Discovery | Executive Director of the Arkansas Biosciences Institute

Professor of Botany

Phone: 870-680-8191

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 102

Tanja McKay

Dr. Tanja McKay

Interim Department Chair - Biological Sciences

Associate Chair, Professor of Entomology

Phone: 870-972-3240

Office: Lab Science East, 202A

Mohamed Milad

Dr. Mohamed Milad

Assistant Professor of Statistics

Phone: (870)-680-8126

Office: Computer Science & Mathematics, 115

Stephen Mullin

Dr. Stephen Mullin

Professor of Animal Ecology

Phone: 870-972-3082

Office: Lab Science East, 412

Lori Neuman-Lee

Dr. Lori Neuman-Lee

Associate Professor of Physiology

Phone: 870-972-3111

Office: Lab Science East, 320

John Nowlin

Dr. John Nowlin

Assistant Professor of Geospatial Technologies

Phone: 870-972-3468

Office: Agriculture, 212

Amy R. Pearce

Dr. Amy R. Pearce

Professor of Psychology

Phone: 870-972-3064

Office: Education, 310

Virginie Rolland

Dr. Virginie Rolland

Professor of Quantitative Wildlife Ecology

Phone: 870-972-3194

Office: Lab Science East, 314

Richard Segall

Dr. Richard Segall

Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics

Phone: (870) 972-3989

Office: Business, 216

Ilwoo Seok, P.E.

Dr. Ilwoo Seok, P.E.

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 870-680-8589

Office: ABI, 314

Andrew Sweet

Dr. Andrew Sweet

Assistant Professor

Phone: 870-680-8480

Office: Lab Science West, 330 C

Tina Gray Teague

Dr. Tina Gray Teague

Professor of Entomology and Plant Science

Phone: (870) 972-2043

Office: Agriculture, 245