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+ Campus alert: A-State Closed Jan. 16

A-State Closed on Jan. 16 due to winter precipitation.

Arkansas State University is closed today, Tuesday, Jan. 16, due to winter precipitation. All winter response staff members are requested to report to their duty stations.

Overnight, snow fall made conditions for students, faculty and staff hazardous.

"Our administrative team determined the snowfall was going to be heavier than forecast and while today was scheduled to be the first day of class for the spring 2018 semester, I've decided it is best that we cancel classes for today," Chancellor Kelly Damphousse said.

All classes at the Jonesboro and Paragould locations are cancelled. Online classes continue.

While offices and classes are closed, university residential life areas continue to operate to support the on-campus student population.

For students living on-campus, Acansa Dining Hall will operate under "brunch hours" with service from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and then 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

For updates on A-State events, please check the university’s official website AState.edu or social media feeds, Facebook.com/ArkansasState or @ArkansasState on Twitter.

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Tom Risch


Dr. Tom Risch

Chair, Department of Biological Science

Professor of Animal Ecology

Phone: 870-972-3082
Office: Lab Science East, 201


Travis Marsico


Dr. Travis Marsico

Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Curator of STAR Herbarium

Phone: 870-680-8191
Office: Lab Science East, 414


Summer Brumwell


Summer Brumwell

Administrative Specialist II

Phone: 870-972-8569
Office: Lab Science East, 202


Pamela Harrell


Pamela Harrell

Fiscal Support Specialist

Phone: 870-972-2888
Office: Lab Science East, 202A




John Artim


John Artim

Temporary Assistant Professor

Phone: 870-972-3649

Office: Lab Science East, 316


Bob Bennett


Dr. Bob Bennett

Associate Professor of Environmental Biology

Phone: 870-972-3289

Office: Lab Science West, 330C


Jennifer Bouldin


Dr. Jennifer Bouldin

Professor of Environmental Biology

Director of the Ecotoxicology Research Facility

Phone: 870-972-2570

Office: Ecotox Facility, 113A


Than Boves


Dr. Than Boves

Assistant Professor of Ecology

Phone: 870-972-3320

Office: Lab Science East, 315


Carole Cramer


Dr. Carole Cramer

Professor of Molecular Biology

Phone: 870-680-4307

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 309


Jill Czerwonky


Jill Czerwonky

Temporary Instructor of Biology

Educational Outreach Coordinator K-12

Phone: (870) 680-8586

Office: Lab Science West, 340


Maureen Dolan


Dr. Maureen Dolan

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology

Phone: 870-680-4359

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 311


Jerry Farris


Dr. Jerry Farris

Distinguished Professor of Environmental Biology

Phone: 870-680-8151

Office: Lab Science East, 413


Brook Fluker


Dr. Brook Fluker

Assistant Professor of Aquatic Ecology

Curator of Fishes

Phone: (870) 972-3253

Office: Ecotox Building, 113B


Diane Gilmore


Dr. Diane Gilmore

Instructor of Biology

Phone: 870-680-8083

Office: Lab Science East, 415


David Gilmore


Dr. David Gilmore

Associate Professor of Environmental Biology

Phone: 870-972-3263

Office: Lab Science East, 418


Anne Grippo


Dr. Anne Grippo

Interim Dean

Professor of Biology

Phone: 870-972-3493

Office: Lab Science West, 552


Kari Harris


Kari Harris

Temporary Instructor of Biology

Student Club Coordinator

Phone: (870) 680-8587

Office: Lab Science East, 417


Julie Huggins


Dr. Julie Huggins

Instructor of Biology

Phone: 870-972-3555

Office: Lab Science West, 550


Martin Huss


Dr. Martin Huss

Associate Professor of Botany

Phone: 870-972-3124

Office: Lab Science East, 317


Ronald Johnson


Dr. Ronald Johnson

Professor of Biology

Phone: 870-972-2366

Office: Lab Science East, 321


Tracy Klotz


Tracy Klotz

Technical Support

Instructor of Biology

Phone: 870-972-3143

Office: Lab Science East, 318


Tanja McKay


Dr. Tanja McKay

Director of Environmental Sciences

Professor of Entomology

Phone: 870-972-3240

Office: Lab Science East, 313


Fabricio Medina-Bolivar


Dr. Fabricio Medina-Bolivar

Professor of Metabolic Engineering

Phone: 870-680-4319

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 308


Lori Neuman-Lee


Dr. Lori Neuman-Lee

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Phone: 870-972-3111

Office: Lab Science East, 320


Virginie Rolland


Dr. Virginie Rolland

Associate Professor of Quantitative Wildlife Ecology

Phone: 870-972-3194

Office: Lab Science East, 314


Noelle Sanchez


Noelle Sanchez

Instructor of Biology


Paul Sikkel


Dr. Paul Sikkel

Associate Professor of Biology

Phone: 870-972-3296

Office: Lab Science East, 412


Malathi Srivatsan


Dr. Malathi Srivatsan

Professor of Neurobiology and Director of Molecular Biosciences

Phone: 870-972-3167

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 205


Nathan Stephens


Nathan Stephens

Temporary Instructor of Biology

Phone: 870-680-8189

Office: Lab Science East, 210


Christopher Thigpen


Christopher Thigpen

Instructor of Biology

Phone: 870-680-8468

Office: Lab Science West, 146


Asela Wijeratne


Dr. Asela Wijeratne

Director of Biotechnology Program

Instructor of Bioinformatics

Phone: 870-972-3311

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 303


Guolei Zhou


Dr. Guolei Zhou

Associate Professor of Biology

Phone: 870-680-8588

Office: ABI, 209




John Harris


John Harris

Adjunct Professor Department of Biological Sciences

Curator of Fishes and Mollusks

Phone: 501-961-1419


Michele Reba


Michele Reba

Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences

Research Hydrologist - USDA, Agricultural Research Service - National Sedimentation Laboratory

Phone: 870-972-3082