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Associate Professor

Department of Biomedical Sciences, NYITCOM-Arkansas

Research Interests

Ever since Dr. Jennifer Xie joined NYITCOM at A-State in 2017, she has been collaborating with multiple faculty members at A-State and ABI, and running a vibrant research laboratory with multiple students from both campuses and surrounding areas. Her research is supported by federal grant agencies related to the following areas:

  • Identifying new therapies, especially non-opioid molecules acting on novel targets, to relieve chronic pain in humans via preclinical tools in a wide variety of rodent pain models

  • Exploring new treatment strategies, especially stem cells and their exosomes, to promote neuroregeneration and functional recovery after peripheral or central nervous system injuries

  • Elucidating the underlying mechanisms of the sensory and affective aspects of cephalic, neuropathic, inflammatory or cancer pain states and the potential mechanisms through which complementary therapies such as osteopathic manipulative treatments (OMT) relieve chronic pain.

Selected Publications

  • Sharma KD, Alghazali KM, Hamzah RN, Pandanaboina SC, Nima Alsudani ZA, Muhi M, Watanabe F, Zhou GL, Biris AS, Xie JY, Gold nanorod substrate for rat fetal neural stem cell differentiation into oligodendrocytes, Nanomaterials, March, 12(6), 2022

  • Flack J*, Sharma KD* (Co-first author), Xie JY, Delving into the recent advancements of spinal cord injury management: a review of recent progress, Neural regeneration Research, 17(2):283-291, 2022

  • Pandanaboina SC, RanguMagar AB, Sharma KD, Chhetri BP, Parnell CM, Xie JY* (co-corresponding author), Srivatsan M*, Ghosh A*, Functionalized nanocellulose drives neural stem cells towards neuronal differentiation, Journal of Functional Biomaterials, 12(4):64, 2021

  • Raghuraman C*, Xie JY* (Co-first author), Giacobassi M, Chase K, Teichert RW, Porreca F, Olivera BM, Chronicling changes in the somatosensory neurons after peripheral nerve injury, PNAS, 117(42):26414-26421, 2020

  • Sharma KD, Pandanaboina SC, Srivatsan M, Xie JY, Predominant differentiation of rat embryonic neural stem cells into functional oligodendrocytes, Neuroscience Letters, 736: 135264, 2020

  • Sharma KD, Schaal D, Kore RA, Hamzah RN, Pandanaboina SC, Hayar A, Griffin RJ, Srivatsan M, Reyna NS, Xie JY, Glioma-derived exosomes drive the differentiation of neural stem cells to astrocytes, PLOS ONE, 15(7): e0234614, 2020

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