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The Beck College of Sciences and Mathematics is proud to offer two interdisciplinary doctoral degree programs in Environmental Sciences and Molecular Biosciences.  These two programs involve faculty and students from all of the departments in the College as well as faculty from across campus.  They allow students the opportunity to explore connections between a wide variety of fields and apply their knowledge to a host of real world problems and issues.

The PhD program in Environmental Sciences is rooted in the independent investigation of fundamental science questions.  The mission of the program is to produce scientists with the knowledge needed to support the assessment, maintenance, and recovery of environmental resources. This includes an appreciation of the economic, social, political, and aesthetic context that shapes our interaction with and knowledge of the environment. Measuring and understanding the balance between environmental protection, sustainable resource management, and economic growth is a major integrating theme within the program.  Former students have entered into careers in industry, government agencies, and academia.  Student goals and program of study are aligned to ensure that each student gains the experience and expertise needed to gain entry into their chosen profession.

The cross-disciplinary Molecular Biosciences field is revolutionizing discovery and technological advances in disciplines ranging from agriculture to medicine, from forensics to environmental sciences, from food sciences to renewable energy. The Molecular Biosciences Graduate Program provides training and research opportunities that integrate cellular, molecular, developmental and genomic information and knowledge. The program has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches, state-of-the-art technologies and innovation to address real world problems.

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