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Our mission is to enhance students' understanding of the diversity of approaches to knowledge; to enhance an awareness and appreciation of their intellectual heritage; to expand their understanding of government and cultures; to facilitate work and political concepts at the formal operational level of reasoning, to develop generalizations, to build theory and apply it to problem solving; to increase their tolerance of differences and appreciation for ethical values; and to instill in them a desire for lifelong learning and citizen engagement.

The Washington Center

The Washington Seminar

What to Expect?

During this one-week program, you'll engage with thought leaders, political experts and journalists as they explore current topics in politics and public policy.

You’ll also have the opportunity to visit government agencies, think tanks, embassies and media outlets around D.C. and get a behind-the-scenes look at how our nation’s capital works.

Program Cost: $1,995

Credit: 3 Hours (POSC 4003)

Scholarship Deadline:  October 15, 2021

Application Deadline:  November 10, 2021

Seminar Dates:  January 2-10, 2022

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All required documents must be submitted by 5:00 pm Friday, October 15, 2021!

Public Policy & International Affairs

Junior Summer Institute

The PPIA Junior Summer Institute (JSI) Fellowship Program is a rigorous academic graduate level preparation program for undergraduate juniors committed to public service careers. The program was started to address the lack of diversity across the spectrum of professional public service, including government, nonprofits, public policy institutions, and international organizations. The purpose of the JSI Fellowship is to prepare students to obtain a Master’s or joint degree, in public policy, public administration, international affairs, or a related field.


  • Full tuition at a PPIA Junior Summer Institute.
  • Eligibility to receive assistance with travel expenses.
  • A stipend for incidentals not covered during your JSI (funding determined and varies by each JSI).
  • University housing with most meals covered.
  • Books and related course materials at your JSI.
  • Each JSI may offer additional benefits, such as GRE preparation and study resources at their discretion.
  • Minimum of a one-time $5,000 scholarship at a PPIA graduate school if admitted for a Master’s degree. PPIA Fellows often receive financial offers above and beyond this minimum from their graduate program.
  • Fee waiver when applying to schools that are members of the PPIA Graduate School Consortium.


All prospective PPIA Fellows are expected to dedicate themselves to the objectives of the PPIA Junior Summer Institute Program, have a strong commitment to public service, and contribute to diverse perspectives in public policy and international affairs. The following are more specific criteria and guidelines:

  • If you are a United States citizen, legal permanent resident, or DACA recipient you are eligible to apply to all JSI programs. (International students are eligible for select JSIs – Carnegie Mellon, Princeton, and University of Washington – and must be enrolled in a U.S. based institution.)
  • Applicants must have an expected graduation date between December 2022 and August 2023.
  • If you will have already completed a bachelor’s degree prior to the start of Junior Summer Institute, you are not eligible to apply.
  • Must be committed to pursuing a Master’s Degree in public policy and/or international affairs at one of the PPIA Consortium graduate schools.
  • Must be committed to and demonstrate an interest in pursuing a professional career associated with public service such as government, nonprofits, and humanitarian and international organizations.
  • Must be interested in contributing to the diversity of perspectives present in the PPIA Junior Summer Institute Program. You must specifically demonstrate involvement in working to improve historically underserved or underrepresented communities, including African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, Latinx, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders.
  • Economic need is given consideration during the review of applications.
  • All academic majors are welcome to apply!

Deadline: Monday, November 1, 2021

Application Requirements                         

How to Apply?


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