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  • Tuesday Morning Recital

    The Tuesday Morning Recital is a performance opportunity for all undergraduate and graduate music majors. Recitals are held on Tuesdays at 11:00 am and some rare Fridays at 11:00 am at the end of semesters.  All BA, BME, BM Performance, and MM Performance students enrolled in lessons must perform a solo on TMR once a semester.  (A student can substitute with a solo performance in a Studio Recital, Half/Full/Graduate Recital, or other performances of a solo as defined above.)

    Students must sign up for their preferred recital date and send their program information.  Deadline to sign up for a TMR slot:

    • Fall: September 5
    • Spring: December 1


    Spring 2023 TMR Dates (tentative)

    Date Category
    January 10 Syllabus
    January 17 TBD
    January 24 General Recital (open to all students)
    January 31 General Recital (open to all students)
    February 7 Composition/Piano/Strings/Voice
    February 21 Professor Christian Schmid presentation
    February 28 Woodwind/Brass/Percussion
    March 7 Composition/Piano/Strings/Voice
    March 28 Woodwinds/Brass/Strings/Voice
    April 4 General Recital (open to all music students)
    April 18 General Recital (open to all music students)
    April 25 General Recital (open to all students)

  • Undergraduate & Graduate Recitals

    Students that wish to schedule a degree recital (half/full/graduate) or a non-degree required recital (half/full/graduate) will need the below links to complete this process.  Consult the Availability Calendar for available dates.  To request dates, fill out the Recital Date Request Form with your top THREE preferred dates.  The publicity form should be completed no later than FOUR weeks prior to your recital.  This will include sending your completed recital program that should be formatted from the Recital Program Template.

    Important dates for scheduling recitals:

    • Graduate/Senior Degree Recitals (required recitals)
      • For Fall recitals: Date requests begin May 1
      • For Spring recitals: Date requests begin October 1

    • Junior Degree Recitals (required recitals)
      • For Fall recitals: Date requests begin May 15
      • For Spring recitals: Date requests begin October 15

    • All other recitals (not required)
      • For Fall recitals: Date requests begin August 15
      • For Spring recitals: Date requests begin November 15

    • Recital scheduling deadlines (to request a date)
      • Fall recital: September 5
      • Spring recital: December 1

    Any recitals attempted to be scheduled after these dates cannot be guaranteed.


    Recital Date Request Form
    Date Availability Calendar
    Publicity Form
    Recital Program Template

  • Juries

    At the end of each semester, students taking lessons will perform a jury for their area faculty. Below you will find more information about jury dates as well as important links for juries.

    Spring 2023 Jury Information

    Area Date and Time Location
    Brass May 1 & 2, TBA TBA
    Composition TBA TBA
    Keyboard May 2, 9-10 am, 11:30 am-2 pm Recital Hall
    Strings May 2, 10-11:30 am Recital Hall
    Percussion May 3, 12:30 pm-4 pm Band Room
    Voice Apr. 27 & 28, TBA Riceland Hall
    Woodwinds Apr. 28, 10:00 am-4:00 pm Recital Hall


    Woodwind, Brass, & Percussion Repertory Form
    Spring 2023 Final Exams Schedule

  • Collaborative Piano

    Many students require the services of a collaborative pianist during their time as a student.  All students working with a collaborative pianist MUST sign the Collaborative Pianist Contract below.  Instrumental students need to request a pianist as soon as they know they will need one (TMR, half/full recital, jury, competition) to ensure one is assigned. The request must be made by using the Collaborative Pianist Request Form below.  Vocal students will have a pianist assigned to them at the beginning of each semester.


    Collaborative Pianist Contract
    Collaborative Pianist Request Form

  • Honors Recital

    Every April the Department of Music celebrates its talented students at the Convocation of Scholars Music Honors Recital.  The evening features performances by students who are selected by audition as well as our newest scholarship and award winners.

    2023 Audition Date: Friday, March 17

    Application Form (Deadline March 12, 2023 at 11:59 pm)

  • Area Guildelines
  • Speech Proficiency

    Music Education majors can elect to take the Speech Proficiency Exam in place of Oral Communication (COMS 1203). If you choose to do that, the below guidelines that will apply to pass your proficiency. 


    No less than 5 minutes, no more than 7 minutes. Exam will be timed, and exact speech time will be recorded on the evaluation form. Missing the time parameters will result in failure of the exam, no exceptions. Please practice the speech several times to work on timing and to sort out logistics and technological demands.


    The explanation of a musical concept, or the step-by-step demonstration of a musical process. Many possible topics exist, but some examples include:

    • “Proper Breathing Technique for Playing the Clarinet”
    • “Building Major and Minor Scales”
    • “Musical Characteristics of the Baroque Period”

    Note: The speech topic must be approved prior to the exam date! Once a topic has been chosen, contact the exam supervisor, Dr. Bruce Faske to submit your topic and schedule the exam date. Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, exams may take place on a Zoom call. In the event of a Zoom based Speech Proficiency, Dr. Faske will provide the student with a Zoom link. All Speech Proficiency Exam considerations apply in either setting!

    Required Materials:

    1. At least one self-prepared visual aid. Your instrument will not count as a visual aid. This often takes the form of, but is not limited to, PowerPoint slides.
    2. Typed outline of speech, along with complete citations of any sources used. Two copies of the speech outline should be given to Dr. Faske and Dr. Hoeckley before an in-person speech exam begins. Alternatively, you may email copies of the outline to bfaske@astate.edu and shoeckley@astate.edu.
    3. A minimum of three sources used should be used in the research and preparation of the speech. No less than two of these sources should be cited during the speech itself. “According to Johnson and Johnson, page 43, skies are blue....”
    4. No more than three 4”x6” note cards may be used, with writing on one side of each card only.


    To be successful, students must:

    1. Present a suitable, pre-approved topic.
    2. Show evidence of organization (content-introduction, body of speech, and conclusion/summary) and pre-planning (visual aids and supporting materials).
    3. Provide copies (or email attachments) of the typed speech outline to each examiner.
    4. Deliver the speech in a conversational manner, with appropriate vocal inflections and non-verbal gestures.
    5. Use language appropriate for a secondary school audience.
    6. Adhere to the time limits.