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The ability to communicate in more than one language and an awareness of other cultures and societies can open a wide range of career prospects and lead to higher salaries.

Among the fields where graduates with a BA in World Languages, emphasis in French, Global Studies, or Spanish might find jobs are:

  • Government (including as foreign service officer, national security agent, interpreter, immigration officer, congressional or legislative aide, social worker)
  • Business (including areas such as international trade, international financial services, public relations, travel and tourism)
  • Media (including in Hispanic media in the US or as international reporter)
  • Non-Profit Organizations (including United Nations, Peace Corps, churches)
  • Education (including as international student advisor or university professor [with further graduate training])

The BSE in World Languages, emphasis in French or Spanish, prepares students for careers in public school education (teaching these languages or English as a Second Language). 

Many degree programs can be paired with a second major or a minor in World Languages. Combine that with study abroad opportunities and internships and you will greatly increase your marketability compared to other job candidates.

Increase your employability with a world language minor

In today's competitive global job market, having the ability to speak and write in another language can give you the edge.  Employers are looking for candidates who can communicate well and can work with people from diverse backgrounds. Consider doing a minor in French, German, or Spanish.  Or choose the cross-disciplinary International Studies minor.  Each requires only 18 credit hours.  

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