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How Tutoring Works

We believe in not just making better writing, but making better writers. Curious how we do this? Take a peek into the process you can expect at the Writing Center.

  1. You make an appointment... You can do this via Penji, either through the app or a web browser. 
  2. ...or you can walk in. If you choose to walk-in for an in-person session, you will have to wait for the next available tutor to finish with their session. All walk-ins function on a first-come-first-serve basis, so without an appointment, you're not guaranteed a session.
  3. Make sure you have what you need for the session. Not sure what to bring? Here's a handy list:

Writing Center What to Bring Updated

  1. Meet your tutor. The Writing Center is a safe, study-conducive environment for all students who walk through our doors. We are here to help you succeed, so don't hesitate to let your tutor know where you're struggling!
  2. Discuss your writing or assignment. At the Writing Center, we focus on big picture issues first. Don't understand the assignment? That's okay. Bring your notes, assignment sheets, prompts, and/or research materials, and we'll talk it out with you!
  3. Expect a dialogue. We can't comment on your writing without you present, and we can't edit your paper for you. However, we certainly can coach and cheerlead you to writing victory! Beyond helping you recognize common errors, we will help you organize your ideas, maintain a consistent tone, and develop your voice and style. Tell us about your goals, and we will do our best to help get you there.
  4. Develop your writing process. Come back for more sessions as necessary! We would love to see you again. 


Need-To-Know Info

  • You can schedule a session through Penji.
  • You can select a session length based on your needs:
    • A one-time 20 minute session is appropriate for;
      • quick questions such as citation and reference pages;
      • and 1-2 page texts;
      • pre-writing tasks like brainstorming, outlining, and assignment breakdown.
    • A one-time 45 minute session is appropriate for more complex learning tasks such as;
      • 3-5 page papers;
      • Help with organization, voice, style, flow, etc.
    • Weekly 45 minute sessions are recommended for:
      • sustained skill building;
      • papers longer than 5 pages;
      • graduate students working on theses or dissertations.
    • If you come in late, we will only be able to work with you for the remaining time within your session.
    • If you are more than 10 minutes late, we have to cancel your session.
    • Zoom sessions cannot be completed while operating a motor vehicle. If your tutor suspects that you are driving while in-session, the session will be ended and marked as incomplete. 
  • To help the most students, we only allow one session per day and three per week. However, you can come as many weeks in the semester as you need!

Three Rules for Tutees

3 rules for tutees updated 2.png

We have a wonderful, dedicated staff, but no one is perfect all of the time. If you have a less than favorable experience in our center, we want to hear about it. Please contact the Writing Center Director, Tabatha Simpson-Farrow, at tsimpsonfarrow@astate.edu.