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Writing Center Welcome to the Writers Block

The Writer's Block facilitates a writing community tailored to supporting graduate students during their thesis and dissertation writing process. We provide a comfortable and functional writing space where you can dedicate uninterrupted time to your writing. The space is staffed with a specially trained guide to assist with quick questions and resource referrals. The Writer’s Block staff also organizes interdisciplinary writers’ groups for collaborative support while navigating the intricate demands of the thesis and dissertation genres.  Read below for more details regarding each service and what to expect when you book one-on-one sessions with the A-State Writing Center. 

Accountability Space: An Alcove for Writing

Join us in the A-State Writing Center, where the semi-private Writer's Block alcove is designed with comfort and practicality in mind. This space hosts comfortable arm chairs, softer lighting, and a relaxed atmosphere where writers have direct access to Writing Center Guides and supplemental materials for quick questions. Combat the distractions of open study spaces and your procrastination habits by scheduling a space in the Writer’s Block.

Since staffed hours and space are limited, appointments are required at least 20 minutes in advance. To book writing time in the Writer's Block space, email astatewritingcenter@astate.edu

Want Priority Access to The Writer's Block?

Join a Writing Group today! Writer’s Block writing group participants get priority access to scheduled writing time in the Writer's Block.

Writing Groups

More than just a physical place, Writer's Block is a community providing flexible, personalized options for long-term support during your advanced writing process. New Writers’ Groups form every semester according to participants' needs. Groups have typically elected to meet bi-weekly for 1.5 hour sessions, with the option of hybrid or fully Zoom sessions. 

We understand that your needs may change throughout the semester. With the direction of a Writing Center guide, every session will provide each participant the opportunity for tutor-led discussion or for autonomous work. Options Include:

  • Tutor-led mini-lessons
  • Section-specific discussions
  • Autonomous silent writing and research
  • Group-led peer review

How to Join a Writer's Group

  1. Email astatewritingcenter@astate.edu to express interest.
  2. We will send a brief survey which we will use to set meeting times and group writers based on interests and writing stages.
  3. The first group meeting will consist of getting to know one another and discussing your current writing struggles or insecurities. 
  4. Subsequent meetings will vary depending on the group's needs:
    1. They can focus on specific parts of the text (like Literature Reviews and footnote building) or parts of the writing process (like organizing your research or transitioning between sub-topics).
    2. They may also be used for to hold each other accountable through dedicated writing time. 

Individual Consultations through The Writing Center

All Writing Center consultations are to your specific needs at the time. While you are welcome to walk-in to the Writing Center for smaller projects, you'll want to make weekly 45 minute appointments with The Writing Center for theses and dissertations.

Follow these quick tips to get the most out of your consultation experience!

  1. Make a weekly, 45-minute appointment through Penji.
  2. Come back more than once. Lengthy papers can't be discussed fully in one session. Give yourself and your Guide time to delve fully into the depths of your writing.
  3. Session Progression:
    • In your first session, you will consult with a Writing Guide. Be prepared to talk to your guide about anything that concerns you regarding your paper.
    • Your tutor will familiarize themselves with the sections of your thesis/dissertation you plan to work on together before you arrive for your second session. 
    • Additional sessions should focus on specific aspects of the writing or individual sections or chapters. 

Email astatewritingcenter@astate.edu with any questions or concerns you have about this process.