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Need help getting started with Penji? Find everything you need here.

  • Schedule with The Writing Center
    • Look here for 20 or 45 minute appointments with the Writing Center, our resource for anyone affiliated with A-State, including students and staff. You can schedule both online and in-person visits.
  • Schedule with The Writer's Block
    • Are you a grad student hoping to get help on your thesis or dissertation? Scroll to the bottom to find out how to set up an appointment specialized to your needs!

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Students, teachers, and anyone else associated with Arkansas State University are welcome to schedule an appointment. If your piece of writing is important to you—no matter if it's personal, professional, or academic—it's important to us. Schedule an appointment through Penji today.

Penji Instructions

  1. Download the Penji App on your phone, or use the website on your computer.
  2. Sign in using your ASU email and password.
  3. From the menu on the left side of the screen, choose Learn.
  4. If you haven't before, join the Writing Center Community from the left menu
    1. To do this, look for the heading "Other Communities". Beneath it, click Writing Center, and then click Join Community.
    2. Note: If you've booked before and use Penji for other communities, you might have to 'Switch To' the Writing Center instead of Joining it. Do this by clicking the 'Switch To' button from the left menu until it cycles to 'Switch to the Writing Center'. Now when you click, you'll be in the Writing Center Community.
  5. Pick what type of appointment you want. Choose "Schedule appointment" for a single meeting, or you can choose a weekly appointment, group appointment, or weekly group appointment if you prefer.
  6. Choose your class. It'll be listed in the letter-number combination, but if you don't know your class's, you can always look it up in your syllabus. Even if it's for help with a personal project, you'll still need to pick a class; it's okay if it doesn't match.
  7. Pick a time. Just click the open slot most convenient to you!
  8. Pick a tutor. All our tutors are well-trained and ready to work with you, so there's no bad choice.
  9. Pick a location. You can either have your meeting in the Writing Center in-person or through Zoom online.
  10. Leave a message for your tutor. If you like, you can leave a comment for your tutor in the empty text box. After setting the appointment, we'll share a Google Drive Folder with your ASU email. Here, you can provide any materials you have, including assignment sheets and any writing you've already done, which helps your tutor prepare for your session.

That's it! Hit Complete and your appointment is set!


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For now, please email the Writing Center at astatewritingcenter@astate.edu. To get the best possible service, please follow these quick steps!

  1. Write "Writer's Block" in the subject line.
  2. Ask about joining a Writing Group or scheduling a time to use the space for independent writing. 

Thank you for your cooperation! Penji support coming soon.