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Continues the practice of ENG 1003, to develop further the skills learned in that course. Based on reading and discussion of various types of writing, the students' essays will provide practice in different kinds of rhetorical development including research and documentation.
Composition II fulfills Arkansas State University’s General Education goal of preparing students to communicate effectively. The common Student Learning Outcome for all Composition II courses states that students who successfully complete this course will be able to “produce writing that demonstrates proficiency in standard edited American English to make reasoned, well-organized arguments that are accurately documented” and “construct and deliver a well-organized, logical, and informative presentation.”
No two A-State Composition courses will be exactly the same.  However, though assignments and experiences may vary somewhat, the following shared outcomes help to insure that the assignments, writing techniques, workloads, and experiences of all sections will be comparable.

  • Write coherently for a university-level audience with attention to rhetorical appeals.
  • Build arguments based on critical analysis of primary and secondary sources.
  • Format paper and cite sources according to MLA guidelines.
  • Integrate sources into their own body of work using summary, paraphrase, and direct quotation when appropriate.
  • Read academic and popular texts critically, and analyze the effectiveness of the rhetorical choices made in these texts.
  • Improve their writing in response to feedback provided by other writers and provide constructive feedback to others so that they may do the same.
  • Revise and edit with an awareness of how to improve larger rhetorical features.
  • Employ awareness of how and when to perform the conventions of Standard English grammar, usage, and spelling.

Developed by the 2013-2014 Composition Committee,
Department of English and Philosophy @ Arkansas State University
Jason Barrett-Fox, Kerri Bennett, Kristi Costello, Rob Lamm, Kat Lecky, Bryan Moore, Marie Patton