Welcome to Arkansas State University!

The Writing Program at Arkansas State is committed to helping fulfill the university's mission of educating leaders, enhancing intellectual growth, and enriching lives. We do this through our First-Year Composition courses, the services offered through our Writing Center, our Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing in the Disciplines initiatives, the Writing Studies Minor, and the Masters' emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition. Further, Composition I and II both meet the university’s General Education goal of preparing students to communicate effectively.

Why is Composition Important?

  1. Knowing how to write well better ensures your success as a student in most, if not all, of the other classes you will take as a college student, regardless of your major and field. 
  2. Knowing how to write well better ensures your success in the workplace.  Most professions seek, if not require, employees with good writing skills.
  3. Most importantly, knowing how to write well is crucial in the making of an educated person, as our university mission statement emphasizes.