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2022: PARIS

Taking place during the Winter Term of 2022, the Art in Paris program explored the city of lights via the History of Art. From the ancient to the modern, students were able to see in person many of the objects and buildings they had previously studied in either Fine Arts Visual or our two departmental survey classes. A transformative experience both personally and academically, students flourished in their new urban home -- escargots were tried, the metro was mastered, and all took in some of the most important artworks ever made.

2019: Tokyo

During the summer of 2019, Arkansas State University students were able to take on Tokyo! They were given the choice of enrolling in either Fine Arts Visual, Survey of Art History 2, or Asian Art and Architecture. As part of their study, students were able to explore firsthand the temples, palaces, and museums throughout Tokyo; experience Kabuki theatre, a tea ceremony, and other cultural events; and take day trips to Kamakura and Kawagoe. It was an incredible opportunity and an experience that will influence them for years to come!

2018: Iceland

During the summer of 2018, six Arkansas State University Art + Design students got the opportunity to, for the very first time, take a study abroad class to the beautiful country of Iceland. Students were able to explore, tour, and study along the entire coast of Iceland in pursuit of its natural beauty of gushing geysers, frozen cliff sides, and volcanic craters while studying core classes for their majors.Their study was centered around photography, and with learned skills, they were able to complete various assignments capturing the breathtaking beauty of Iceland through the camera lens with their professor, Kimberly Boyd Vickrey. It was an unbelievable experience, leaving the students with a new set of developed skills and a vast appreciation for the natural beauty of Iceland.

2015: Italy

Students got to explore firsthand the churches, palaces, museums and other cultural sites throughout Rome; we took day trips to the catacombs, Cerveteri, and Pompeii, both UNESCO World Heritage sites, and made an overnight excursion to Florence and got to see the fireworks celebration for the Feast Day of St. John the Baptist. In their free time students were encouraged to explore Rome on their own. Most class activities took place before lunch so that afternoons and evenings were free for students to socialize at a neighborhood café, shop, relax on the Spanish steps in the center of the city, or work on discovering their favorite gelato flavor!

2013: Spain

As part of their course work, students explored firsthand the cathedrals, palaces, museums, and other cultural sites throughout Madrid; we took day trips to UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Toledo and Segovia; and made an overnight excursion to Seville in southern Spain. For housing in Madrid, students had the option of staying either in student apartments or with a Spanish family. Students got to spend a lot of time exploring Spain's capital city on their own. Madrid's subway system had been recently renovated and metro passes allowed students to travel easily and quickly in the the city.

Most class activities took place before lunch, which Madrilineans (or Madrileños) eat around 2 p.m. Afternoons and evenings were generally free for students to socialize at a neighborhood café, shop, relax in the gorgeous Buen Retiro park in the center of the city, or work on eating their way through all the tapas!