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Program Information

The overall mission and vision of the MSE School Counseling Program is to educate, train, and prepare graduate students to create strong professional identities in order to become transformational P-12 school counselors.  The MSE School Counseling Program helps students learn the fundamental skills, roles, and responsibilities of school counselors. The program also teaches students how to develop, integrate, and implement comprehensive school counseling programs aligned with the ASCA National Model in their respective settings in order to augment the academic, personal / social, and career success of all students in school, as well as in their post-secondary endeavors. 

The MSE School Counseling Program is fully online and prepares students to work either in public or private P-12 settings nationally or internationally via training students to utilize the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) National Model as their guide and framework.  Throughout the program, students enhance their knowledge regarding the importance of becoming culturally responsive and ethical practitioners, advocates, and leaders, in order to work intentionally to ensure that all students have equity and resources to achieve excellence and reach their fullest potential.

The CAEP Accredited MSE School Counseling Program is approved by the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE). 

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will augment their identity as professional school counselors
  2. Students will be knowledgeable about the instrumental role that school counselors play in fostering academic, personal / social, career success for all
  3. Students will possess cultural competence and cultural humility in order to support and promote the success of diverse critical stakeholders in the P-12 school setting
  4. Students will be competent in integrating evidence based techniques into their own practice in order to amplify student outcomes academically, personally / socially, and vocationally

The MSE School Counseling Program mandates that graduate students complete a 100-hour Practicum, which is taken during a full semester. In addition, students are required to complete a 600-hour Internship (Internship I in a primary setting and Internship II in a secondary setting) over the duration of two semesters.  Please refer to the School Counseling Program Handbook for additional information regarding requirements for Practicum and Internship I & II. 

The MSE School Counseling Program at Arkansas State University meets school counseling licensure requirements for the state of Arkansas and is approved by the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), however, it has not yet been determined that the program fully meets licensure requirements for any other state. Students are encouraged to be cognizant of coursework needed to be license eligible in their respective states.


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