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The primary mission of the Psychology Programs is to provide a sound understanding of the basic principles of psychological science. This foundation will serve students who choose to earn advanced degrees in psychology or related fields, as well as those who enter people oriented occupations following graduation.

Degree/Certificates Offered

Bachelor of ScienceMaster of ScienceSpecialist in EducationBachelor of Arts Online


The Ed.S. degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling will prepare students for careers as professional counselors. For those who have already earned a degree in a relevant helping field, the certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is also available. Both the degree and the certificate will prepare graduates for the following: (a) to work with a variety of populations in the community as a licensed mental health professional, (b) eligibility for state licensure, and (c) national certification as a counselor. Students can gain additional expertise in working with children through the Play Therapy certificate program. The application deadline for all programs is April 1st and admission only occurs Fall.

Degree/Certificates Offered

Specialist in Education, Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Play Therapy Certificate

School Counseling (100% Online)

The M.S.E. School Counseling Program prepares students for careers as Professional School Counselors in public and private school settings. This 100% online program equips students to grow in their professional identity and to serve as culturally competent and ethically sound leaders in the educational field.

Degree Offered

M.S.E. School Counseling Program (100% Online)

Degree/Certificates Offered

Master of Science in Education, Master of Science in Education (Crisis & Trauma)Master of Science in Education (Special Populations)


The Ed.S. Degree in Psychology & Counseling with an emphasis on School Psychology prepares students for careers as School Psychologists. These professionals work with parents, teachers, students, educators, and others to best meet the educational and mental health needs of children.

Degree Offered

Specialist in Education