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  • Xiuzhen Huang (upper right), Jason Causey (upper left), Jake Qualls (lower right)
    CS Faculty Spotlight
    Third in Competition

    Congratulations to members of the AI Group for finishing third place in the Multiple Myeloma DREAM Challenge. Members include A-State Computer Science faculty members Dr. Xiuzhen Huang, Dr. Jason Causey, Dr. Jake Qualls and senior scientist Dr. Wei Dong.

  • A student working on a computer station
    Master of Science

    The Masters of Science degree in Computer Science is designed to strengthen the background of the student in advanced computing concepts involving computational problem solving and complex programming environments.

  • A student working on a laptop
    Bachelor of Arts

    A broad exposure to information technology in business provides an understanding of problem solving in a business environment. An emphasis is available in electronic commerce, information technology track, and general business.

  • A student and professor work on a server rack
    Bachelor of Science

    The program builds a strong foundation in programming, software development, algorithms, computer organization, operating systems, networking, and database systems. Broad exposure to math and science provide an understanding of scientific problem solving.

These are exciting times for computer scientists as the discipline is now widely recognized as an essential source of tools and techniques for advancements in nearly all spheres of human endeavor.

excellence in research, teaching, and service

Through excellence in research, teaching, and service our dedicated faculty has distinguished itself in the core areas of computer science and in many related multi-disciplinary areas. We continue to stress diversity in our hiring and strongly support the creation of a diverse workforce through our student recruiting and retention programs.

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