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2018-2019 Program Assessment Summary

                                      2018-2019 Annual Assessment Report

                                               Arkansas State University

                               Department of Social Work


This assessment reflects that the social work department is doing an overall good job in preparing students for a career in social work. The explicit and implicit curriculum suggest that students have an understanding of the foundation and advanced practice behaviors, and that they are uniformly demonstrating aptitude for the vast majority of the competencies set forth by the Council for Social Work Education. There are areas that can be strengthened. Specifically, MSW Foundation students were rated low by field supervisors on Competencies 5, 7, 8, and 9. This is an important are to ameliorate, since it is a huge part of the framework of the social work profession. Some MSW students did not feel they received enough content on women and GLBTQ persons. Respect for, and the ability to work with, diverse and oppressed populations is the backbone of social work practice, so this area deserves special attention. The following recommendations are determined from the findings presented in this Annual Report.


  1. Faculty will review, along with the curriculum committee, course content and teaching methods will regards to engaging policy practice to advance well-being and deliver services; and responding to practice contexts in order to better understand why we obtained weak scores by the MSW Foundation students in field in this area.
  2. Faculty will review, along with the curriculum committee, course content and teaching methods relevant to advancing human rights, and social, economic and environmental justice, as the MSW Foundation students scored low in field in this area.
  3. An adjunct handbook has been developed to assist in adjunct training, and allow for on-going supervision.
  4. Fully integrate all 2018-2019 assessment findings from the BSW, MSW, and field programs to ensure continuous quality improvement in this areas.
  5. Form a subcommittee to review advising procedures and to improve the advising process- by making it more efficient and user-friendly for students, and allow for students' participation.
  6. Develop a comprehensive strategy to prepare graduates (in real time and by general topic) for the licensure examination and increase pass rates. .
  7. Prepare graduates to assess and intervene with a high degree of knowledge, sensitivity, autonomy, and effectiveness within diverse social work settings.
  8. Prepare graduates to continuously assess situations from a holistic development framework.
  9. Faculty, working with the curriculum committee, will update books to preferably those copyrighted within the past 5 years.