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Sales Leadership


College: Neil Griffin College of Business

Department: Management and Marketing


The sales leadership certificate  prepares students for careers involving the art of selling a service, product or idea through the upper level experiential learning classes that focus on sales concepts and strategies, sales management, buyer behavior, category management and organizational purchasing. In addition, this certificate  focuses on building skills necessary for customers relationship building and management necessary in banking, finance, marketing, accounting, agribusiness, engineering and many others.

Only 12 hours to COMPLETE. 

Certificate Requirements : 

  • Marketing  (MKTG 3013 : 3 credit hours) 
  • Professional Selling (MKTG 3093 : 3 credit hours)
  • Sales Planning and Management ( MKTG 3193 : 3 credit hours) 
  • Advanced Sales (MKTG 4323: 3 credit Hours) 
Please consult with your advisor if you plan on pursing a certificate in Sales Leadership.