Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Patricia Robertson


Dr. Patricia Robertson

Interim Associate Dean

Chair, Economics and Finance / Professor of Business Law

Phone: 870-972-2300
Office: Business, 302


David Kern


Dr. David Kern

Assistant Chair for Economics and Finance

McAdams Frierson Chair of Bank Management

Phone: 870-680-8466
Office: Business, 332


Chris Brown


Dr. Chris Brown

Professor of Economics

Phone: 870-972-3737
Office: Business, 402D


Jerry Crawford


Dr. Jerry Crawford

Professor of Economics

Phone: 870-972-3738
Office: Business, 407


Gauri Guha


Dr. Gauri Guha

Professor of Economics

Phone: 870-680-8465
Office: Business, 412


Xiankui Hu


Dr. Xiankui Hu

Professor of Finance

Phone: 870-972-2470
Office: Business, 309


Matthew Hill


Dr. Matthew Hill

Director, Professional Excellence and Graduate Programs

Phone: 870-680-8046
Office: College of Business, 204


J. Mark Lewis


Dr. J. Mark Lewis

Senior Lecturer in Law

Phone: 870-972-2076
Office: Business, 320


Jeffrey Pittman


Dr. Jeffrey Pittman

Professor of Business Law

Phone: 870-972-2663
Office: Business, 424b


Richard Taylor


Dr. Richard Taylor

Professor of Finance

Phone: 870-680-8081
Office: Business, 424A


Philip Tew


Dr. Philip Tew

Associate Professor of Finance

Director of Economic Education and Financial Literacy

Phone: 870-972-3742
Office: Business, 332B


Huiqiang (Hugh) Wang


Dr. Huiqiang (Hugh) Wang

Instructor of Economics and Finance

Phone: 870-972-2280
Office: College of Business, 310


Jim Washam


Dr. Jim Washam

McAdams Frierson Professor of Bank Management

Associate Professor of Finance

Phone: 870-972-2280
Office: Business, 204