Welcome to Arkansas State University!


Welcome to the AFCC!

We’re so excited that you are participating in this event/competition! This event is hosted by the A-State Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy. 

The AFCC will be held on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at the A-State Reng Student Union.

The goal of this event is to teach students the importance of making healthy food choices as well as making smart financial decisions.

What to expect on the day of the event

On the day of the AFCC, students get to participate in 3 workshops/“hands-on” activities:

  1. The Grocery Game
  2. All About Priorities
  3. Marketing Madness

These workshops are designed to foster critical thinking, communication, team building and problem solving.

The only cost for this event will be the cost of lunch in the A-State Cafeteria!

In addition to the workshops, the top contenders of the Food Cart competition will bring in their food item and do a live demonstration on how they prepare their food item in front of our expert judges.


Food Cart Competition

As mentioned above, in addition to the conference, we will be having a Food Cart competition. This competition is designed to help students understand more about nutrition, financial decisions, and how to think critically and best use their skills.

Submission Items:

Teachers will turn in the following items for each team (examples are provided). 

  1. Written business plan - this is a one page business plan that discusses the team’s healthy food cart
    • Attached are questions that students should answer in their business plan.
  2. Logo - each team will design their own logo for their healthy food cart
  3. Menu - each team will design their menu with the product, price, and nutritional information for their Food Cart item
  4. Demonstration video - each team will submit a video (less than 10 min) where team members discuss the ingredients for their product, how they made their product, and why their product is healthy or healthier than an alternative. Think of it like they're filming a Food Network TV show.

Disclaimer: Students should be supervised by an adult at all times when they are handling any sharp kitchen utensils or any kitchen equipment.

These items must be submitted through our Registration Form by March 7, 2023 at 5pm. If you have any problems with the form, please email Dr. Philip Tew at ptew@AState.edu.

We have also provided a food truck template that teams can decorate and cut out to be displayed on the day of the conference.

We ask that all teams bring their logos, menus, food trucks, etc. to the conference where we will have tables available for them to set up their marketing materials.

We will notify the top 8 teams in the different grade categories (3rd/4th grade category and 5th/6th grade category) by March 8. 

These 8 teams will need to bring their food to the conference on March 14th to do a live version of their demonstration video in front of our expert panel of judges, who are restaurant owners in the Jonesboro area

Competition Rules

  • The competitors can be individuals or teams of up to 5 students
  • The food should be “healthy” or a “healthier alternative”
  • Finalists who will present on March 14th, the food needs to be able to be stored at room temperature since we will not have refrigeration available
  • Finalists who will present on March 14th will need to bring enough food for 7 samples

We can't wait to see your students' creations!