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Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy

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Who Are We?

The A-State Center is housed within the Neil Griffin College of Business on the campus of Arkansas State University. The Director of the Center is Dr. Philip Tew, Associate Professor of Finance. Multiple undergraduate and graduate students are Financial Wellness Interns that work within the Center assisting with research, peer counseling, conference management, and after-school programming.

The A-State Center is affiliated with both Economics Arkansas, a private non-profit educational organization founded in 1962 to promote economic literacy in Arkansas, and the Council for Economic Education, a nationwide network that promotes economic and financial literacy with students and teachers. Both organizations focuses on training PreK-12th grade teachers on incorporating economics and personal finance into classroom curriculums.

What Do We Do? 

The A-State Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy focuses on providing services needed to promote and improve the economic knowledge and financial wellness of the citizens of Arkansas with a special emphasis on those in the Delta region of northeast Arkansas. These services include providing financial seminars to college students, hosting conferences and competitions for students in grades 3 – 12 that focus on developing financial, economic, and entrepreneurial skills, speaking to classes from grades 3 – 12 about financial and economic issues, conducting after-school programs for grades 1 – 6, conducting workshops / seminars for community members, and conducting nonpartisan research that focuses on improving the financial wellness of individuals. In addition, the Center has a series of podcasts and blogs produced / written by students produced under the Scarlet to Black Financial Wellness portion of the Center.


Contact Us!

Feel free to reach out to the Center if you need speakers for your classroom, civic organization, or business to speak on the topics of economic or financial wellness. Please email Dr. Philip Tew at PTew@AState.edu for any inquiries.