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The Treasurer's Office goal is to provide a secure environment that allows buyers and sellers to connect electronically, making it easy for students, parents, alumni, and the community to do business with Arkansas State University. 

Marketplace, hosted by TouchNet Information Systems, Inc., helps us to accomplish our mission by providing a secure and cost-effective E-Commerce solution that is PCI compliant. 

A-State Marketplace Mall

What is Marketplace?

Marketplace lets students, parents, alumni, and other shop online, register for events, or make donations at the time most convenient for them.


Marketplace uStore is a secure avenue to accept on-line credit card payments for events, items and general payments. Marketplace uStores let students, parents, alumni, and others shop online, register for events at the time most convenient for them. As shoppers make payments, Marketplace automatically updates the G/L accounts in the campus finance system.

Why use a Marketplace uStore?

  • Allows University Merchants to receive online credit card payments through a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant gateway
  • Arkansas State University has licensing which allows university departments to use uStore
  • Makes receiving revenue easier for departments
  • Eliminates the need for manual processes, such as invoicing and Data Entry
  • Departments are more independent

What are some common ways uStores are used?

uStores can be used in many different ways for selling both physical and non-physical products such as school apparel, conference attendance etc.

Listed below are few ways uStore is currently being used for:

  • Childcare payments
  • Events registration
  • Perkins loan payments
  • Accepting Payments for Non-Credit Courses


If you have questions about Marketplace, please contact us by email at marketplace@AState.edu