Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Marketplace Process

Creating your own Marketplace uStore is as easy as following these 4 Steps:

1. Complete Application

You can find the Marketplace application form here

2. Design Your Store

Once your application has been received and approved by our office, we will be in contact to discuss specific text, images, and personalized details you envision for your store. Your site will then be built to your specifications.

3. Test the Store

We will launch a trial version of your store and you will be asked to test the customer experience. If any modifications need to be made, we will have the opportunity to correct them before your store goes live.

4. Go Live!

Once you have approved your store, you will be in the last step of production. We will manage your online store and have the ability to make changes if necessary. You will receive email reports regarding your product orders. The store can be set to close on a certain day, or the Treasurer's Office can close it when you see fit.

Once a store has been created, it is saved in the Marketplace database and can be relaunched at any time. You can also add products to existing stores by filling out an additional "Add Product" application.