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Marketplace Features

Marketplace has a variety of features that make selling products, gathering information, and communicating with customers simple.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing allows you to offer different pricing options for the same product. The price is changed automatically depending upon which options the customer selects. This gives you the ability to offer different pricing tiers for conferences or size and color selections for merchandise. It is convenient for the customer because the calculations are completed for them and all payments can be made at once.

Data Collection & Reporting

Marketplace offers you the ability to collect as much information as you would like from your customers. With options such as drop down menus, text entry, and checkbox selections, our system is able to provide you with the tools you need. Fields can even be made optional or required, guaranteeing you get the information you need. 

Marketplace also offers you the ability to access real-time sales reports that consist of the data the customer provided, plus information regarding the products sold. Multiple reports are able to be accessed at the same time.


Every so often, a situation arises where a customer will request a refund. Marketplace allows for this process to be efficient for both parties. The system allows for refunds up to the selling price, which will be credited to the original form of payment. The customer will receive an email when their refund has been processed.

Customer Communication

Communication with your customers throughout the buying process is essential. Marketplace keeps customers informed with automatic system generated emails. Customer communications are sent out upon purchase, when an order is cancelled, and when an order is refunded. Marketplace can even be configured to send you an email every time an order is placed.

Promotional Codes

Marketplace allows you to offer promotional codes at checkout. These can be presented as a dollar amount off the purchase price or a percentage taken off of the total. Promotional codes can start and expire on any day you choose. They can be offered as single use or unlimited use.