Welcome to Arkansas State University!

In 2013, Arkansas State University formed a partnership with the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) to offer a Doctor of Osteopathic (DO) degree on the campus of A-State.  After several years of planning, construction, and receiving the necessary approval from national accrediting agencies, NYIT College of Medicine opened a branch campus in Wilson Hall on the A-State campus in the fall of 2016.  This transformative event means that undergraduate students at A-State now have the opportunity to pursue and complete a degree in medicine without leaving either Jonesboro or the A-State campus.

To aid students even further, A-State and NYIT have jointly developed a BS/DO program that allows qualified students to complete the necessary coursework for entrance into the DO program in just three years, thereby shaving one year off of the normal undergraduate experience.  Students in the program are able to apply their first year of DO coursework toward their undergraduate degree, which they will receive at the end of their first year in DO school.  Besides eliminating one year of time toward the eventual DO degree, this program allows the student to save one year of tuition, room, and board, thereby making the eventual cost of education lower.

Students wishing to complete this degree will need:

  1. An overall undergraduate GPA of 3.50
  2. An MCAT score at least equal to the mean MCAT score of the NYIT College of Medicine first year class of the year the student begins study.
  3. Completion of a minimum of 8 hours of biology (course/lab), 8 hours of organic chemistry (course/lab), 8 hours of inorganic chemistry (course/lab), 8 hours of physics (course/lab), and 6 hours of English, with no grade below a C in any course or lab.
  4. A favorable recommendation by the A-State Pre-Medical Committee.
  5. Successfully passing a personal interview by NYIT College of Medicine faculty.

Here is a breakdown by semesters of courses that students will need to take. 

For more information about the BS/DO program, contact the SMART Center.