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Cap & Gown Information

Before picking up your graduation regalia, please make sure your student account is cleared with Student Account Services, or that arrangements are made to clear your account. (870-972-2285). 

Cap & Gown Distribution

Cap & Gown Pickup
Caps and gowns will be distributed on the dates and times listed below.  Distribution will not begin early.

Distribution Date, Time and Place: TBA

If you are attending the ceremony
please do not request to have your cap and gown mailed to you. If you have it mailed and do not receive it, you will have to purchase another out of pocket; the graduation fee only covers one set.

If you did not pre-order your regalia, there will be extra caps, gowns, hoods, etc. at the Cooper Alumni Center during the distribution times listed above.

If you need someone else to pick up your regalia, just let that person know whether you’re an undergrad or graduate level student to save the Brown’s representative some time. If you did not pre-order, they will also need to know your height and weight.

Cap & Gown Pickup for Non-Attendees
If you decide you are not attending the ceremony and want your cap and gown mailed to you, please order from the A-State Bookstore. Do not contact them before distribution week.

There is a minimum charge of $10 for mailing regalia, which is paid directly to the A-State Bookstore. Please contact the A-State Bookstore at (870) 933-9191 to pay the shipping cost and have your regalia shipped. All leftover regalia will be boxed up and returned after graduation week.

Please contact them only during graduation week to have regalia shipped to you, as all leftover regalia will boxed up and returned after graduation week.

Doctoral Students
Unless you purchase your regalia from a distributor, your graduation fee only covers the rental of your cap, gown, and hood. Please return it to the Registrar’s table (Hames Room A, Lower Level) after commencement.

Failure to return your regalia could result in you being charged for the price associated with it, which is quite costly.

Failure to return your regalia could result in you being charged for the price associated with it, which is quite costly.

If you plan to decorate your cap, please use appropriate materials that do not distract others from the ceremony. Inappropriate materials could include electronic devices, lights, etc.  


You will receive two cards when you pick up your cap and gown from the bookstore. Please bring these cards with you to the commencement ceremony. It is important that you have these for the announcer and photographer.* Please do not leave your walk cards in your car, at home/the hotel, or throw it away accidentally. These cards have important information on it that YOU WILL NEED. Please consider these cards as part of your “regalia” and come to the ceremony with them.

If you are an undergraduate who has obtained Latin honors, there will be a sticker on your walk card. Bring the card to the Office of the Registrar to pick up your cords.

*For students who have already obtained your cap and gown—we will have your walk cards (and honor cords if eligible) at the Registrar’s table at the ceremony. We will be located near the entrance for you to obtain these items.)


  • Please note that you DO NOT have to get an email stating that you’ve been cleared in order to participate in the ceremony. As long as you are a pending graduate AND you have preregistered/signed up, you can walk at the appropriate commencement ceremony.

  • Please continue to check your student email regularly for important information. We will send a link to provide your preferred mailing address for your diploma near the conclusion of the semester. You MUST fill this out if you want your diploma mailed to you once they are released.