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2010 - 2011 Annual Report

Initial Programs Exhibits

Philosophy of Education Paper Artifact
Field Experience Summative Assessment Artifact
Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn Portfolio Artifact
Exit Survey - Diversity Highlighted
Exit Survey - Dispositions Highlighted
Follow-up Survey - First Year Teachers
Follow-up Survey
Internship Summative Assessment
Praxis II Exams Pedagogy
Praxis II Content
Praxis III Exam/Pathwise by Programs
Praxis III /exam/Patwise by Domains

Advanced Programs Exhibits

MAT/GRE Scores
Entry Point Grade Point Average
Praxis II Exams
Internship, Practicum, Lab Experience
Comprehensive Exam
Exit Point Grade Point Average


Diversity Exit Survey (by site)
Diversity Exit Survey (total)
Admission into Teacher Education (Gender and Ethnicity)
Admission into Teacher Education 2004-2011 (Gender and Ethnicity)
Internship Teacher Education (Gender and Ethnicity)
Internship Teacher Education 2003-2011 (Gender and Ethnicity)
Professional Education Faculty Ethnicity


College of Education Productivity
Course/Instructor Evaluations (on-line courses)
Course/Instructor Evaluations (traditional courses)
Professional Education Faculty Title Totals
Professional Education Faculty Ethnicity
Professional Education Faculty Information Document Summary
Professional Education Faculty Workload (fall)
Professional Education Faculty Workload (spring)

Allocated Funds

Academic Capital Support
Computer Purchases
Budgeted Academic Support
Budgeted Instructional Support
Facility and Administrative Allocations
Library Allocations
Scholarly Development Funds
Student Infrastructure Allocations
Supplies and Services
Technology Fee Allocations