Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Cayuse IRB

A-State now uses Cayuse protocol management software for IRB, IBC and IACUC submissions.  Cayuse uses response-drive web forms for electronically preparing, submitting, and routing studies for approval.  We no longer use IRBNet.

  • Request Cayuse Log-In Credentials:
    If you are a new Cayuse user or have forgotten your log-in credentials, please send a Request for Cayuse Log-In Credentials to CayuseIRB@astate.edu
    • Faculty and staff should provide your name, A-State email address, department, department phone, fax, and post office box. 
    • Students should provide your name, A-State email address, personal phone number, department, department post office box, and fax.

  • Cayuse Dashboard:
    To log in to the Cayuse dashboard, please click Cayuse IRB Login.

  • Cayuse Quick Start Guide:
    For a quick overview of submitting a new protocol, please click Cayuse Quick Start Guide.

  • Cayuse Training:
    For questions on submitting your protocol or to schedule Cayuse training, please email CayuseIRB@astate.edu.