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Women and Gender Initiatives


The purpose of Women and Gender Initiatives is to empower women, support LGBTQ+ individuals, and to bring Social Justice awareness to students at Arkansas State University. Working with registered student organizations, faculty, a variety of departments, and community organizations to provide resources, education, and encouragement to the A-State community.


1.Improve campus climate for LGBTQ+ Students  

  1. Empower Women through Education and Leadership Opportunities
  2. Social Justice Education and Awareness Events
  3. Empower Students to become Allies for Marginalized Communities
  4. Provide programs to support a variety of identities.


Gender Affirmation and Inclusion

Planned Parenthood Generation Action: Meaningful Sex Education

Women’s History Month

Signature Programs

  • LGBTQIA+ Lecture Series
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • Women’s History Month
    • Women in the Workplace
    • Annual Charity Drive
  • Open Campus SafeZone Trainings
  • Rainbow Prom
  • Lavender Graduation

Registered Student Organizations

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance


The Gender and Sexuality Alliance is an inclusive student-registered organization that primarily provides a safe place for LGBTQIA+ members to engage in an open discussion about aspects of their identity and other adjacent topics. Composed of LGBTQIA+ and allied A-State, the organization aims to establish a more welcoming campus and offer a platform to gender-diverse students, students of varying sexual identities, and their allies. The organization works to provide resources and education on the LGBTQ+ community and offer leadership opportunities to allow students to reach their full potential. 


President- Gabriella Orick

Vice President- Charlize Griffin

Secretary- Lucky Gilmore

Treasurer- Sarah Watson

Social Media Chair- Thomas Baker

Inclusivity Coordinator- Chandler Wall

Public Relations Chair- Rebecca Robinson

Public Relations Co-Chair- Nev Winfield


E-mail: gsatate@gmail.com

Facebook: @astateequality

Instagram: @astategsa

The Feminist Union


The Arkansas State University Feminist Union is an intersectional student-led organization that works to help create a positive social climate on campus and contribute to community outreach. We are dedicated to abolishing inequality through education, critical discussion, service projects, and activism.


E-mail: AStateFemU@gmail.com

Facebook: @AstateFeministUnion

Instagram: @astatefeministunion