Welcome to Arkansas State University!

If you are financially supported by your home government, U.S. governmental agency or through a partnership agreement, YOU must provide your Financial Guarantee (FG) to the International Student Analyst by the following dates to avoid a late fee for tuition and to ensure the receipt of benefits.

  • Deadline for FG for incoming Summer students is June 5.
  • Deadline for FG for incoming Fall students is September1.
  • Deadline for FG for incoming Mid-Fall students is October 10.
  • Deadline for FG for incoming Spring students is February 1. 
  • Deadline for FG for incoming Mid-Spring students is March 10.

Any letters needed in order to maintain their status with their sponsoring organization can find additional information here.


  • How do I obtain my Financial Guarantee (FG)?

    Contact your sponsoring organization advisor to request that your FG be emailed to Erica Jennings at ejennings@astate.edu

  • Why is my Admissions Only Letter not sufficient?

    Admissions Only Letters merely serve as an indicator that you will be sponsored by your sponsoring organization. However, it does not serve as proof that your sponsor will provide the financial means to cover your A-State charges.

  • If I pay my account balance while waiting for my FG, when will I be reimbursed by A-State?

    A-State will be able to reimburse you upon receipt of the payment from your sponsoring organization.

    When you present your FG to Erica, an invoice will be sent to the Financial Department at your sponsoring organization. The organization will then mail payment to A-State  to be placed into your account. Once that payment has been received, you will see a credit post to your account. A twenty one business day wait is to be expected between the credit being posted and Student Accounts contacting you regarding the reimbursement.

  • How will A-State reimburse me?

    A-State will reimburse you using the means of payment you initially used:
    check,cash and credit or debit card.

  • Why do i have A-State Health insurance when my sponsor provides health insurance?

    The A-State Health Insurance charge is placed on your account as a safeguard to guarantee that you will have some form of health insurance, as it is federal law for you to have insurance during your stay in the U.S. Your FG will show that you have comprehensive medical insurance coverage.

  • How can my A-State Health Insurance charge be removed?

    In order to avoid the charge for A-State Health insurance, you must provide both the FG and the insurance card by the deadlines stated above.  If a FG is not received by the above specified deadline, the health insurance charge will remain in your student account.

  • Things to Know During Orientation Week
    • Order a ‘hold for grades’ transcript as soon as you register for classes.  *This transcript will be given at the end of the semester.
    • Each student is responsible for their own account this includes updating the Financial Guarantee and paying late fees.
    • A separate online Financial Guarantee is required for web-based courses.
  • Things to Know after first week of Classes
    • If your Financial Guarantee is not valid within the first 10 days of the Fall and Spring semester then you will be responsible for late fees.
    • You have a hold on your account that requires your signature in order to remove the hold.  This is for an Education Release Form that is required of all Sponsored Students.  
  • Things to Know for On-Going Sponsorship
    • Make sure your FG coverage dates are current and will cover all courses.
    • If you are taking a web-based course, you must provide your traditional (TR) FG and a Web-Assisted or Web-Based FG to Kimberly within the first 10 days of the semester to avoid late fees.
    • Make sure to raise a separate request with your sponsor for a web-based FG.
    • SACM limits Undergraduate students to a maximum of 12 hours and Graduate students are limited to a maximum of 6 hours of web-based courses.
    • You are financially responsible for late fees/dropped courses and non-approved courses.
    • Order an Official Transcript now so that it will be sent to you at the end of the semester.
  • What it means to have your degree authenticated
    • Upon Graduation, SACM’s Authentication Department will contact A-State to authenticate the sponsored student’s compliance with the parameters of the Ministry of Higher Education’s (MOHE) program for the purpose of establishing the nature and instructional style of your completed coursework.
  • Online Web-Based and Web-Assisted Courses explained
    • Students sponsored by Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) are limited to:
              6 hours of WEB based coursework for the duration of your Master’s degree program.
              12 hours of WEB based coursework for the duration of your Bachelor degree program. 
    • For example, if your bachelor degree requires 120 hours for completion, only 12 of those hours can be in WEB-based courses.  If you have taken 12 hours of WEB coursework in previous terms, you will need to drop the course you registered in and select a course with traditional meeting times and locations. If you have further questions, please contact your SACM advisor or ejennings@astate.edu
  • How and When Do I Order an Official Transcript
    • At the time of registering for your courses, always order an official transcript that will be held until grades are posted at the end of the semester.  This is the time to receive an official transcript. 
    • Do not wait to order a transcript.
    • Directions: Go to my.Astate – Banner, then click the ‘Student Records’ tab, then ‘ Request Official Transcript’ and click ‘Hold for Grades’ under Print Transcript. The request will be processed after semester grades have been posted IF your account balance is paid in full.
    • If there is a financial hold on your account you must wait until your account is brought to a zero balance. 
    • Student accounts will not release a hold for transcripts if there is a financial hold on your account.
  • When will A-State send my Invoice?

    Invoices are sent during the invoicing period which is the 3rd week of the Fall and Spring semester.  If a Financial Guarantee is submitted after the date of a late fee the student will be responsible for the late fee.  Dates of late fees are posted on the website of Student Accounts under 'Important Dates':   http://www.astate.edu/a/treasurers-office/student-account-information/

  • What is the Sponsored Student Fee?

    The sponsored student fee is $200 and is charged to each students account.  Sponsored students have specific requirements and needs.  This fee allows each department to meet the specific needs of the sponsored student.