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Student Account Information

Student Account Information Staff

Student Account Information is part of the Treasurer's Office and is the centralized billing and collection point for student accounts. We strive to provide the most efficient customer service to students, faculty, and staff. 

The primary function of our office is to issue bills, receive payments and provide information to help students understand the aspects of their account. Various departments post credits and charges to students accounts. Each of the originating departments maintains detailed records concerning specific items that appear on the account and should be contacted directly for questions.

University policy states that tuition is due and payable no later than the fifth class day of the term.

Important Dates

Tuition billing statements will be made available online in myBill on the following dates. Notifications will be sent to the student email and any authorized user on file. 






Late fees will be assessed on the student account for any unpaid balance after the 11th class day on the following dates:




A-State Online Refund Dates


Part of Term I:

August 13 - Disbursement

August 27 - Refunds Processed

August 28 - Checks Mailed/Direct Deposits Sent

Part of Term II:

October 08 - Disbursement

October 22 - Refunds Processed

October 23 - Checks Mailed/Direct Deposits Sent

Can you get In-State Tuition?

Arkansas State grants in-state tuition to students who qualify. Waivers are available for several out-of-state counties, children or spouses of alumni, or students with certain GPAs and ACT scores.

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