Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Requirements and Process

Admission Requirements

  • Accepted to Arkansas State University
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Have a documented autism spectrum disorder diagnosis documented with the A-State Office of Access & Accommodation Services:  https://www.astate.edu/disability/
  • Applicant should have an interest in obtaining a bachelor’s degree at Arkansas State University to expand educational and career opportunities.
  • Applicant should currently have or can prepare to have reliable technology such as a computer, webcam, internet access, cell phone, etc.
  • Applicant should be comfortable using a cell phone and computer independently or with assistive technology.

Program Process

  1. Prospective students should review admission requirements before filling out the application
  2. Complete application here
  3. Applicants will receive an email confirming or denying acceptance.
  4. Students are required to participate in an online orientation prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Online Orientation will include the following:
    1. Virtual interview with student, parent/caregiver, and EduCare team.
    2. Standardized questionnaire filled out by the student or a parent/caregiver to help staff better understand the student’s strength and needs.
    3. Students will complete online training modules to learn basic virtual software and programs that will be required for academic and program activities including but not limited to Zoom, Blackboard, MyCampus/Self-Service, Pack Support, A-State Connect App, etc.
    4. Each semester students will work with the EduCare team to create an individualized plan which will include mentor meetings, program activities, webinars and social/peer interactions.
    5. Additionally, the parent/caregiver is encouraged to schedule a separate virtual meeting with the EduCare Team to add valuable information about the family’s vision for their student. The student will have to complete and submit a FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act)/Student Consent Form for each individual, granting permission to Arkansas State University personnel to speak with and share educational information and records.  This form can be found on the EduCare website.
    6. Information obtained from interviews with the student and parent/caregiver, along with data collected from the questionnaire, will assist the EduCare team and student to create an individualized plan for success.