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About Facilities Management

Facilities Management is responsible for the basic operation and continuous maintenance of the physical facilities of Arkansas State University. On the campus, our responsibilities include assisting in the planning for new facilities, construction process of new facilities, building operations, and landscape maintenance.

To ensure that projects can be expeditiously completed, our department is represented on all building program committees and other bodies, which assess, assign, or plan alterations or additions to existing structures and buildings.

Facilities Management has three primary service departments.

Business Services

Business Management Services provides management support systems for the Facilities Management departments directly responsible for facilities, grounds, and utilities services to the Arkansas State University community.

Responsibilities of the department include work control center, cost accounting and customer billing, procurement of materials and warehousing, central receiving, budgeting and financial analysis, information systems and computer maintenance, utility tracking and billing, personnel travel arrangements, account billing processing, payroll document/leave record keeping, key and uniform administration.

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Building Maintenance

Repair Services

Repair Services is responsible for the maintenance of building systems. Maintenance services include carpentry, plumbing, painting, welding, roofing, locksmith, electrical, construction, masonry, and flooring.

Emergencies regarding the services listed above are handled by the Maintenance Services First Response Crew. If a maintenance emergency should occur, contact the FM Work Order Center at 870-972-2067 and provide a detailed request.

Energy Management

Energy Management provides service for indoor climate controls, sustainability efforts and energy management. Customers can report hot or cold building or room temperatures to the Work Order Center through their Building Liaison.

Custodial Services

Custodial services include thorough cleaning for high traffic areas such as suite lobbies, restrooms and building circulation areas. Offices and classrooms are scheduled for thorough cleaning once a week. General trash pick-up and spot cleaning is performed for all building interiors daily.

Landscape Services

Landscape Services consists of seven divisions working simultaneously to achieve an exterior environment that is aesthetically pleasing and safe for students, staff, faculty and guests to all of ASU properties. The hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 7 am to 4 pm. Landscape Services also provides power washing, erosion control fencing, graffiti removal, parking lot upkeep and snow/ice removal during inclement weather.

Other divisions of landscape services include: Pest Control, Irrigation Control, Turf Maintenance, Clean Sweep Crew, Mowing, Athletic, and Ornamental Trees/Shrubs.

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Planning, Design & Construction

Planning and Design

Planning and Design Services provides interior and landscape design, space planning and square footage reports, building floor plans, maps, and utility locates to the university community.
The University Planner is responsible for the university's facilities master planning, preparation of architectural and landscape architectural guidelines and standards, architectural and landscape architectural design review.

Digs and excavations require services of the campus Utilities Survey Technician, contacted through the Arkansas One-Call network at 811 or 1-800-482-8998.

Customers can also request access to online floor plan drawings, construction documents and square footage reports through the Space Manager.

Construction Services

Construction Services provides a full range of planning, project development and construction services offered through the University Planner/Landscape Architect and Construction Management Services. All renovations, modifications or work done to university buildings and grounds must be performed by or in cooperation with Facilities Management in advance.

Projects include roofing repairs or replacement, correction of structural defects, replacement or repair of installed utilities and distribution systems, and other high cost items that cannot be funded in the operating budget. A preventive maintenance program inspects facility equipment and systems and schedules routine service. Periodic tests of elevators, fire protection systems, boilers, and pressure vessels are performed in accordance with applicable codes and regulations. 

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