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Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I call if I have a problem?

If you have a problem in your area, please call your Building Liaison. Building Liaisons will relay all problems in their building to the FM Work Order Center.

Services not provided by Facilities Management
  • For problems with your A-State computer please call IT Services Help Desk at 972-3933.
  • To set up a FedEx account, please call Procurement Services at 972-2028.

Do I need an requisition?

For general maintenance, other than auxiliaries, costs are covered by FM. A requisition is needed when billing is required for all other work. 

General Maintenance: Power Failure, Roof Leaks, Elevator Issues, Temperature Control, Spills
Requires requisition: Signage, Lock & Key, Ordering Paper, Enhancements, remodeling or other improvements to campus spaces

Click here for more information on the requisition process.  

Central Receiving

What is the physical shipping address to the university?

FedEx, UPS and DHL: 2713 Pawnee Street, State University, AR 72467
USPS: P.O. Box 250, State University, AR 72467

What are the restrictions on packages sent to 2713 Pawnee Street?

Students are prohibited from shipping packages to the university. Personal packages cannot be sent to the university.

What is the procedure for shipping packages?

  1. Label packages with RMA number AND shipping label
  2. Call Central Receiving at 972-3254 to schedule pick-up

Can FM store freight?

Central receiving cannot store freight in the warehouse. Enclosed storage is available for rent on FM's back lot. Contact Director of Landscape Services at 680-4787 for more information on storage rental.

What information do I need to track a package?

Provide tracking number and vendor name (cannot be tracked by vendor PO number)

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Digs and Temporary Signage

What type of signs can I order from A-State?

The FM Sign Shop provides all interior way-finding signage including room number and directional signs. Additional signs include but are not limited to name tags, desk plates, award plaques and banners. Call 680-4720 for a full scope of Sign Shop capabilities.

Where can I place art projects or temporary signage?

Call Student Development & Leadership at 972-2055 for a map with locations approved for SGA campaign signs. Placing temporary signage or art projects on campus will require approval from the Building and Grounds Committee.

What do I need to do if my campus activity requires digging of any kind?

Refer to ASU Policy 04-02 and ASU Student Handbook for the campus signage policy. Contact Arkansas One-Call, dial 800-482-8998 or 811 from any phone (allow two business days for utilities to be located and marked)

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Temperature Control

What is the space temperature setting for A-State buildings?

According to ASU Policy 04-25, the allowable range for each campus building is 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit with efforts to maintain a 72 to 76 degree range.

Can I use a space heater?

According to ASU Policy 04-25, space heaters and other portable heating devices are permitted only under special circumstances by approval of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management.

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Remodeling & Floor Plans

How can I get a floor plan or other space data for a building?

Contact Space Management Coordinator at 680-4759. (Restrictions may apply depending on security protocols)

Who can help with classroom remodeling plans and furniture selection? 

Contact the University Planner at 680-4701 for code compliant interior design remodeling for classrooms.

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How much do new keys or locks cost?

Price varies depending on manufacturer. Please contact Campus Key Administrator at 680-4700

What is the hourly cost of labor?

Per person per hr: Skilled Trades $27.56; Move and Landscape $18.40; Custodial $16.77; Business $24.78

What is the cost of copy paper?

Cost varies due to market pricing. Contact Warehouse Supervisor at 680-4768 or Inventory Control Clerk at 680-4690.

What is the process for determining the cost for a project? 

FM personnel provide an Opinion of Probable Cost (OPC).  The process is outlined below:

  1. Submit a request via Famis Self-Serviceemail or call the Work Order Center at 972-2067
  2. Explain in detail scope of work, include FOAP data (no charge for OPC)

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