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Title IX Training for Staff is Underway


JONESBORO – All staff at Arkansas State University will participate in the annual Title IX training taking place this week.  Training for faculty will be conducted during the fall semester.

Two sessions will be offered each day, at 10:30 a.m. and at 2:30 p.m. This training will include university policies on sexual harassment and sexual violence, reporting and mandatory reporting responsibilities, investigation procedures, and university resources.

Training will be facilitated by General Counsel in Centennial Hall. Employees are asked to bring their university identification card for attendance records.

"One of the university’s highest priorities is fostering a welcoming and inclusive campus for employees, students, and campus visitors.  We take a proactive approach to stop sexual violence and assault through training and prevention programs," stated Chocoletta A. Simpson, Affirmative Action and Title IX Coordinator. 

The entire university must work together collectively to cultivate a safe environment in which all members can live, work, and learn safely in a productive manner, she continued.  "Together, we can create an environment free from sexual assault, sexual violence, and gender discrimination."

The university appreciates the efforts of its faculty, staff, students and community members in addressing these issues, Simpson also said, and it will continue to review and strive to improve processes for combating sexual discrimination.

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