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Students from Campus Querétaro in Mexico Win Bronze iGEM Medal


JONESBORO – A team from Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro (CQ) in Mexico recently took part in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Design League competition and were awarded the bronze medal.

“Our team consists of recently graduated science alumni and undergraduate science students. Their successful result definitely sets the bar for our future participations,” said Dr. María Montserrat Juárez Aubry, director of science and mathematics at CQ.

The students include Luis Emilio Vallarino Godinez, Diego Franco Anguiano, Angel García Banda, Hugo Castañeda García, Edna García Dorantes, Isaac Cárdenas Arcos, Ligia Guerrero Morales, Allison Soots Maldonado, André Chavez Lecuona, Luisa Real Madrigal, Ana Valeria Ayala Luque, Grecia Torres Pacheco and Ximena Hernández Ruiz as well as their adviser, Dr. Bernardo Pérez Zamorano, assistant professor of biotechnology.

Their project, a proposal to create a precise mechanism to detect colorectal cancer, was introduced through a video presentation. This presentation included an interview with a doctor, as well as an animated description of their proposal.

Juárez said the students were also nominated in two other categories: best design implementation and best scientific infographic.

According to iGem, the Design League competition enables Latin American students to design with biology by proposing solutions using synthetic biology framework.

Juárez explained the competition has changed over the past couple of years. “In 2021 a new format of the competition was launched: iGEM Design League, specifically aimed at Latin America. This year, Arkansas State University - Campus Querétaro entered the iGEM Design League competition for the first time.”


Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro