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Service and Retirement Awards Presented at Staff Ceremony


40 Years of Service: Ron Carroll and Gina Bowman

30 Years of Service: Jan Nelms, June Taylor and Lesa Carmack (not pictured, Tim Dean)

JONESBORO – Seventeen retirees and 60 individuals who have attained service milestones of 10, 20, 30 or 40 years were honored today during the 24th annual Distinguished Performance Awards and Service Recognition Ceremony at Arkansas State University.

The 17 individuals who have or will retire during the 2016-17 year have a combined 341 total years of experience.

David Gray, Facilities Management, has the longest period of service, 36 years.  The other retirees and area from which they will or have retired during the academic year are:

Karl Ahrent, Agriculture & Technology Studies, 11 years; Kenny Brewer, Convocation Center, 15 years; Thelma Carroll, Facilities Management (FM), 9 years; Tim Dean, Convocation Center, 30 years; Tami Freeman, FM, 24 years; Debbie Honeycutt, Convocation Center/concessions, 24 years; Kathy L. Ingram, Admissions, 16 years; Kathleen Lorance, Medical Imaging-Radiation Sciences, 12 years; Doug Mathis, FM, 35 years; Patty Metz, Financial Aid & Scholarships, 20 years; Diana Monroe, University Communications, 16 years; Sharon D. Rowe, Library, 25 years; Sheila Sartin, Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 14 years; Beth Smith, Alumni Relations, 25 years; Shirley Smith, Information Technology Services (ITS), 12 years; Holly Van Wagener, University Advancement, 17 years;

Service Milestones

The 60 individuals who have achieved employment milestones this year were as follows:

40 Years: Two staff members – Gina Bowman in University Communications and Ron Carroll in sports medicine – have achieved 40 years of service at A-State.

30 Years: Four individuals with 30 years of service were recognized.  They are: Lesa Carmack, Convocation Center; Tim Dean, Convocation Center; Jan Nelms, Library; June Taylor, KASU.

20 Years: Eleven individuals have attained 20 years of service: Mary Jo Bohrman, Computer Science; Deborah Davis, Testing Center; Lisa Glasco, Procurement Services; Shane Johnston, ITS; William L. Kraus, Delta Center for Economic Development; Randy Martin, University Police Department; Patty Metz, Financial Aid & Scholarships; Beverley Mixon, Student Affairs; Vic Nelson, Controller’s Office; Keith Nichols, ITS; and Brandie L. Tibbs, English and Philosophy.

10 Years: An additional 43 employees have 10 years of service: Dr. Marti L. Allen, Museum; Eddy Arnold, Media; Carole Arrington, FM; Eric N. Boling, FM; Maria Barner, Arkansas Biosciences Institute; Glynna Greene-Brewer, FM; Tracy Robin Buchanan, A-State Online; Lindsay Burnett, Alumni Relations; Jim Carter, Childhood Services; Leeann Castleberry, Financial Aid & Scholarships; Todd Clark, Digital Creative Media; Ina Leora Cohn, Childhood Services; Gwennette L. Confer, Childhood Services; Cassia Craig, Student Affairs;

Others are Jason Crittenden, Institutional Effectiveness; Lt. Bobby Duff, University Police Department; Lori Hailey, Nursing; Christy Harvey, Advancement Services; Matt Huckaby, Red WOLF Center; Sherry Hufstedler, Honors College; Kelsey L. James, Childhood Services; Jason Jernigan, FM; Bradley S. Johnson, FM; Teresa Bailey-Jones, Childhood Services; Diane Lee, Childhood Services; Melissa M. Livingston, Advancement Services; Linda Lord, Childhood Services; Robin Lynn Maxwell, FM;

Also, Ricky G. Miller, Management and Marketing; Janet Moore, Budget Office; Belinda Olive, Treasurer’s Office; John R. Royse, ITS; Randy Ryan, FM; Jerry Scott, Sports Information; Michael Sheppard, Library; Cynthia Lee Shimasaki, Childhood Services; Brooke Thomas, Childhood Services; Robin K. Thompson, Nursing; Jerry Todd, FM; Michael "Bunk" Van Winkle, FM; Chrissy Vines, Student Account Services; Justin K. Walker, ITS; and Kimberly D. Winters, Global Initiatives.

The annual Distinguished Performance Awards and Service Recognition program was initiated in 1994 to note outstanding job performance and long-time service by the university’s non-faculty employees, both classified and non-classified.

Retirees: Shirley Smith, Sharon Rowe, Doug Mathis and Beth Smith

20 Years: (from left) Shane Johnston, Lisa Glasco, Keith Nichols, Brandi Tibbs, Beverley Mixon, Deborah Davis and Vic Nelson

10 Years: (from left) Eddy Arnold, Ricky Miller, Robin Buchanan, Sherry Hufstedler, Justin Walker, Kimberly Winters, Glynna Greene-Brewer, Janet Moore, Ina Leora Cohn, Maria Barner, Cynthia Lee Shimasaki, Kelsey James and Chrissy Vines.