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Satellite TV Service Comes to A-State Campus


JONESBORO – Arkansas State University students have a new lineup for on-campus streaming video content with the adoption of Apogee Satellite TV.

Resident students, faculty and staff can sign up for the new 80-channel lineup, which includes two premium channels.  Along with using the service to watch TV in the residence halls, students can also watch on their mobile devices while on the A-State campus network.

One of the largest providers of satellite TV to university campuses, A-State is the first in the state to offer the Apogee service.

“The switch allows our students to use television the way they want,” Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Rick Stripling said. “We are able to provide this technology to students so they can watch between classes on their mobile devices as well as have their own DVR storage.”

The lineup includes local television stations KAIT (ABC & NBC) and KJNB (Fox & CBS) along with a wide range of news, sports and entertainment networks.

Each student account through the service also provides access to 20 hours of content storage.

The Apogee service replaces traditional cable in the residence halls.  On-campus cable users may need to rescan the channels on their televisions to update the lineup.

A-State students are encouraged to go to MyCampusVideo.com to sign up for accounts that will provide them access, and to download the iOS, Amazon Fire or Android app for access.  For 24/7 support, call 855-465-6754.

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