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Retirees to be Recognized at Faculty Honors Convocation


JONESBORO – Twenty-one faculty members who are retiring this academic year will be recognized during the annual Faculty Honors Convocation for their longtime service to Arkansas State University, according to Dr. Lynita Cooksey, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs.

Faculty Honors Convocation, a highlight of the annual Convocation of Scholars observance at Arkansas State, will be Tuesday, April 15, beginning at 2 p.m. in Centennial Hall of the Carl R. Reng Student Union.  The event is open to the public.

“Each of these individuals has made significant contributions to Arkansas State and will be missed by students and colleagues alike,” Dr. Cooksey said.  “Their positive impact on the lives of numerous students is immeasurable and will remain as their legacy.  Collectively, these faculty members have contributed more than 500 years of service to Arkansas State.  They are wished all the best as they begin new journeys beyond the halls of A-State.”

The list, in order of seniority, is led by Sam Gennuso, who has been teaching English in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences since the fall of 1963.  With more than a half century of service, Gennuso is currently the longest serving faculty member at Arkansas State.

“What a joy it has been to watch the progress of the institution through the years, and I am so happy to have been part of it,” commented Gennuso, who has taught almost every English course offered at Arkansas State at one time or another.  “It has been so interesting to see how the institution, both physically and academically, has grown from a college to a real university.  There have been so many interesting segments along the way.”

Deans will present tributes to retirees in their respective academic colleges.  Each retiree with 10 or more years of service will be awarded emeritus status and receive a certificate in recognition of their service and contributions to the university.  The president of the Faculty Association also will participate in the ceremony.

The retirees and their lengths of service at ASU are (in order of seniority):

  • -- Mr. Sam Gennuso, assistant professor of English, 51 years.
  • -- Ms. Nancy Bacot, instructor in teacher education, 41 years (recognized posthumously);
  • -- Mr. Roger Carlisle, professor of art, 40 years;
  • -- Dr. Lynn Howerton, professor of psychology, 40 years;
  • -- Dr. Gary Latanich, professor of economics, 33 years;
  • -- Dr. Tom Parsons, professor of civil engineering, 30 years;
  • -- Dr. Jeane Harris, professor of English, 28 years;
  • -- Dr. Bill Humphrey, professor of animal science, 26 years;
  • -- Ms. Margaret McClain, instructor in first-year studies, 23 years;
  • -- Dr. David Cox, professor of education, 22 years;
  • -- Dr. George Foldesy, professor of education and director, Center for Excellence in Education, 22 years;
  • -- Dr. Victoria Spaniol, assistant professor of English, 22 years;
  • -- Ms. Lyn Hubbard, associate professor of radiologic sciences, 21 years;
  • -- Dr. Richard Freer, associate professor of social work, 20 years;
  • -- Ms. Rebecca Carr, instructor in real estate and accounting, 19 years;
  • -- Ms. Julia Dunlap, catalog librarian, 15 years;
  • -- Dr. Clint Relyea, associate professor of management, 14 years;
  • -- Mr. Stan Wooldridge, instructor in mathematics, 14 years;
  • -- Dr. Ann Ross, associate professor of teacher education, 13 years;
  • -- Dr. Clyde Milner II, professor of history and director, Heritage Studies Ph.D. program, 12 years;
  • -- Dr. David Beasley, professor of engineering and dean, College of Engineering, five years.

Activities during the Honors Convocation also will include the presentation of the Faculty Achievement Awards in teaching, scholarship, service and academic advising.  The Faculty Honors Convocation is hosted by the Office of Academic Affairs and Research to celebrate the achievements of Arkansas State’s faculty.

Additional details about Convocation of Scholars are available on the university website, http://www.astate.edu/a/scholars/ and the university calendar, http://www.astate.edu/calendar/index.dot.

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