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Kays Foundation Endows Gallery in Bradbury Art Museum


Kays Foundation Board Announces Gift
Members of the Kays Foundation board presented a $50,000 gift commitment to endow and name the Kays Gallery, a new exhibition space within the Bradbury Art Museum.  Those present for the announcement included (from left) Curt and Chucki Bradbury, museum benefactors; Terry Carty, Kays Foundation executive vice president; Dr. Tom Bishop and Richard Carvell, Kays Foundation board members; and Les Christensen, director of Bradbury Art Museum.

JONESBORO – The Kays Foundation has made a $50,000 gift commitment to the Bradbury Art Museum (BAM) at Arkansas State University

Members of the Kays Foundation board announced the commitment as part of activities associated with the opening of the annual Delta National Small Prints Exhibition.

The grant was awarded to assist the museum with obtaining matching funds and to endow and name the Kays Gallery, a new exhibition space within the museum.

"The Kays Foundation exists for the sole purpose of supporting Arkansas State University," said Terry Carty, executive vice president.  "Today it does this by providing grants to support faculty, staff, departments and colleges or other entities which further the academic, service and research missions of Arkansas State.  Annually, the Foundation board reviews grant requests for worthwhile projects and awards grants which advance the University."

The grant also will help provide for an expanded schedule and related public activities at Bradbury.

"We are very thankful to the Kays Foundation board for the generous gift," said Les Christensen, director of BAM.  "We are thrilled to be working with the Kays Foundation for the advancement of the Bradbury Art Museum.  Now we have our first room endowed, it is 'Kays Gallery.' "

The Arkansas State College Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education, which does business as Kays Foundation, traces its beginnings to 1911 and the administration of V.C. Kays, the founding president of the institution that evolved into Arkansas State University.

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