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Engineering Master’s Degree Programs Offer New Options to Students


JONESBORO – The Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) program that has been offered by the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CoECS) at Arkansas State University is splitting into three separate degree programs.

The new degree options, starting with the fall semester this year, will be Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE), Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE), and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME).

Each of the three options will include thesis and non-thesis options. The credit-hour requirement is 30 for both options, according to Dr. Zahid Hossain, program director and professor of civil engineering.

In the thesis option, students will prepare a research proposal and complete a master’s thesis, which is similar to the current MSE program.

In the newly added non-thesis option of MSCE, MSEE and MSME programs, students will complete only the coursework, which includes three credit hours of independent study as a capstone project.

In addition, A-State engineering students can be admitted to an Accelerated MSCE, MSEE, or MSME program, in which they can complete their degree in a year while completing up to 12 of the 30 credit hours during their undergraduate (Bachelor of Science degree) program of study.

"With the approval of the new Accelerated MS programs, all five MS programs in the college (including computer science and engineering management) are now offered in an early entry format," stated Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharyya, dean of the college.

"This provides a powerful incentive to our undergraduate students to go for advanced studies at the master's level while looking at a substantially shorter time to degree, while being employed full-time. Those opting for the thesis option can define a project in their workplace to which they will be seeking an innovative solution. This is a win-win for students and employers alike."

The program changes were approved by the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board in January. Launch of the new programs has already triggered a sharp increase in applicants.

Interested persons and prospective students may contact Hossain, mhossain@AState.edu, for additional details about these program options.

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