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Create @ STATE Symposium Showcases Student Research


JONESBORO – Approximately 200 undergraduate and graduate students presented oral, poster and creative presentations during the sixth annual “Create @ STATE: A Symposium of Research, Scholarship and Creativity.”

Arkansas State University’s office of Research and Technology Transfer (RTT) conducted the two-day event.  Winners of Create@STATE along with their project titles are:


Environmental Studies (1st Place):  Morgan Harlin of West Memphis

Chemical Profiles of Opuntia humifusa Defense and Response to Methyl Jasmonate      

Other STEM (1st Place):  Kendl Fischer of Mountain Home

Identifying Salt Tolerant Accessions Within a Rice Diversity Panel Using Phenomic Approaches

Behavioral Science (1st Place):  Laura Tedder of Paragould

Thinking like Macgyver: Overcoming Functional Fixedness in Insight Problem Solving      

Physical Fitness and Health (1st Place): Lyric Hupp of Lee's Summit, Mo.

Reliability of Hip Range of Motion Measurement: Smart Phone Application Versus the Universal Goniometer by Experienced and Novice Clinicians           

Biology, Undergraduate Poster (1st Place/ 2nd Place)   

1st -- Heightening Delivery of Fish Interleukin-22 by Harnessing the Plant Lectin RTB: Brandi Mize of Paragould

2nd -- CAP1 is required for both the Invasiveness and Proliferation in Pancreatic Cancer Cells: Dominic Williams of Forrest City


Obesity & Diabetes (1st Place, tie)         

School Reported BMIs and Lifestyle Changes: Regina Strop of Osceola

Preventive Services in the Intellectually Disabled Population of North East Arkansas: Megan Burke of Mammoth Spring.

Physical Therapy (1st Place)       

The Use of 405nm and 464nm Blue Light to Inhibit Listeria monocytogenes in Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Meat: Grafton Harrell of Judsonia

Nursing (1st Place)         

Examining the Use of Albuterol in Pediatric Patients Diagnosed with RSV-Induced Bronchiolitis: William Burns of Pocahontas

Other Analytical Studies (1st Place)       

The effects of social media on college students' motivation toward personal branding efforts: Viet Nguyen of Vietnam

Engineering (1st Place)

Development of an Image Analysis Toolbox for Biological Imaging: Samia Sanjari of Bangladesh

Biological and Agricultural Studies (1st/ 2nd Place)        

1st Place - In Vitro Expression and Application of a Thermostable Endo-Arabinanase for Generating Functional Oligosaccharides from Beet Pulp for Colon-Specific Health Benefits: Ningning Zhang of China

2nd Place - Optimization of Drought Stress High Throughput Phenotyping Assays in Arabidopsis: Lucia Acosta-Gamboa of Costa Rica


STEM (1st Place/ 2nd Place)       

1st Place - Synthesis of Novel Antibiotics with Dihydropyrimidinone and Phenethylamine Scaffolds: Santiago Gonzalez

2nd Place - The Methods of Transportation and the Regulation of Interleukin-22 Provides a Potential Therapeutic Target for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Morgan Tripod of Paragould

Psychology and Other Analytical Studies (1st Place)       

Student Perception of the Benefits of Academic Education Partnered with Technical Training at Homeland Security’s Center for Domestic Preparedness:        Emily Peters of Marion


Engineering and Math (1st Place)            

Manipulation of Small Particles on the Surface of a Material: Nayan Kumar Paul of Bangladesh

Bio and Environmental Studies (1st Place/2nd Place)     

1st Place - The Role of Habitat and Community Association in the Spatial Distribution of a Temporary Coral-Reef Fish Parasite: John Artim of San Francisco

2nd Place - Nest Site Selection and Nest Survival of Prothonotary Warblers in East-Central Arkansas: Morgan Slevin of Sarasota, Fla.

Other Analytical Studies, (1st Place)      

Going North: The Burkhammer Family of Greene County, Arkansas, and Davis, Michigan: Ryan Smith of Jonesboro

Create @ STATE offers students the opportunity to present and share their research, scholarship or creative work in a professional and supportive setting.  This program also acts as a platform for students, faculty and staff across campus to learn more about the variety of research, creative and scholarly projects occurring at A-State.

Members of the A-State Student Research Advisory Committee, made up of an appointed faculty representative from each college, along with the A-State Student Research Council’s student executive committee and student research ambassadors were involved in organizing and facilitating the expanded two-day symposium.

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