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Brass Ensembles to Present 'Brass Bash' Concert


JONESBORO – The Department of Music will present the brass ensembles in a “Brass Bash” concert on Tuesday, April 12, at 7:30 p.m. in Fowler Center’s Riceland Hall.  This is free and open to the public.  The ensembles are under the direction of Dr. Bruce Faske and Dr. Ed Owen.

Faske will direct the trombone ensembles.  The trombone octet will perform first with “Passacaglia in C Minor, BWV 582” by J.S. Bach and “Provence” by Jeremy Dibb.  Next, the D2NA Trombone Quartet will play “Die Nachtigall, Op. 59 No. 4” by Felix Mendelssohn. 

Next, the trombone choir will all come together for a performance of “Venezia” from "Italian Postcards" by Raymond Burkhart, “Ye Banks and Braes O’ Bonnie Doon” by Percy Aldridge Grainger, “Salvation is Created, Op. 25 No. 5” by Pavel Chesnokov, and “Lassus Trombones” by Henry Fillmore.

Owen will direct the tuba and euphonium ensemble.  Their repertoire will include “Suite for Four Bass Instruments” by Max J. Lyon, "The March from '1941' ” by John Williams, “Higashi-Nishi” by John Stevens, and “Ball of Fire” by Peter Smalley.

“Chamber music is an essential element of the instrumental music experience. It cultivates a discriminating musical ear, and requires musicians to interact and engage outside of their comfort zone, where lasting improvement is made,” Faske explained.  “The A-State Trombone Choir and Octet exist to provide our talented, hard-working students with a chamber music environment where they are responsible for the parts most often reserved for ‘treble’ instruments such as trumpet, clarinet and flute. In essence, this concert is an ideal opportunity to showcase these talented young musicians in a unique setting."

For more information about this concert or any other A-State music event, one may contact the Music Department at (870) 972-2094.

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