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Bradbury Art Museum to Present Exhibition, 'Star Children'


JONESBORO – "Star Children" will open in Bradbury Art Museum (BAM) at Arkansas State University Thursday, March 4, and it concludes Thursday, April 1, with a closing reception from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

“Star Children” is an exploration of queerness from artists in the LGBT+ community curated by Melissa Wilkinson, associate professor of art, painting, and Hillary Brooks, curator at BAM.

“This exhibition is intended to affix a celebratory gaze upon members of the LGBTQ+ community and experience. Each artist has been chosen and included by means of honoring and dignifying individual creative expressions of the identity,” Wilkinson explained.  “This diverse mix of artists grapples with unique perspectives of queer representation. No longer entirely covert in the west, queer love and expression has made its way into the public consciousness. This visibility, not only of intimate love and experiences, but also of the arc of the pursuit of happiness and redemptive healing, allows the artist to explore what separates us and, even more, the universal stories we all tell.​”

Participating artists are Joey Brock, Keith Buswell, Meikel Church, Matthew Willie Garcia, Anthony Griego, Kelsey Harrison, Sarah Hill, David Jester, Kevin R. Kao, Brick Kyle, Cedar Marie, Stephanie L. Paine, Joel Parsons, John Rankine, Cedar Thomas, Rachel Trusty and Melissa Wilkinson.

“Bradbury Art Museum is committed to making the region we share into a better, more inclusive place for all,” noted Garry Holstein, director of BAM.  “It is our goal to help create a community that is compassionate, empathetic and understanding of the diversity of voices that make up the place we call home. This exhibition serves as one example of our dedication to providing a space for all voices to contribute to this dialogue.”

BAM is in Fowler Center, 201 Olympic Dr.  Admission to the reception and exhibition is free.

Due to the pandemic, the museum will have a limited capacity of 60 visitors, and walk-in groups may not exceed 10 people.  Groups larger than 10 should call ahead for a reservation.

BAM staff will be wearing face coverings and taking other steps to help ensure a safe experience. Guests also are required to wear face coverings and maintain a distance of six feet from other guests.  The hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m.

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Rachel Trusty
Between Shadows
Found Photographs with hand embroidery